2006 Vandenbrink Ferrari 599 GTO Mugello

(from Vandenbrink Design Press Release) In the summer of 2006 Michiel van den Brink and Robert Koumans started the Vandenbrink Design company, located in the Netherlands. The talented industrial designer Michiel van den Brink (28) is specialised in automotive design, with a unique modern interpretation of the DNA of classic automotive icons like Ferrari. Robert Koumans (44) is entrepreneur with a background in automotive and aerospace engineering, marketing and new media. Together they form a solid basis for establishing Vandenbrink Design as a high-end automotive and industrial design house.

The initial focus is on the realisation of the special sportscar designs which have been very well received by potential customers, especially the Vandenbrink GTO which was conceived as the 'Ferrari 599 GTO Mugello' concept study. Actual coachbuilding will be performed in cooperation with well-known Ferrari specialist and coachbuilder Hietbrink in the Netherlands.

Vandenbrink Design also offers her design talent and services to established and emerging car manufacturers and industrial product manufacturers.

The Vandenbrink Design company kicks off ambitious but with realism. However, the international interest in the GTO by sportscar enthusiasts and collectors exceeding expectations gives us hope that the GTO may be actually built. This would result in a dreamstart for the newborn Dutch automotive company Vandenbrink Design.

More information: www.vandenbrinkdesign.com

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