2007 Beck LM 800


(from Beck Press Release)  New Beck LM 800: „The new model from Switzerland“ – World premiere in Vienna 

Berne Beck Engineering & Composits GmbH from Muri near Berne in Switzerland is presenting
an exciting new product at the luxury motor show in Vienna: On 10 January 2007 the new
Beck LM 800 will be shown to the world’s public for the first time.

The company is a small Swiss manufacturer that has specialised in the production of top class,
super sports cars. The main features here are the lightweight construction and the associated
use of the most varied of low-density materials, such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium, as well
as the latest plastic and composite materials – Kevlar for instance. It goes without saying that,
according to Swiss tradition, the highest demands in terms of quality apply here as well.

The company gets its name from René Beck, who can look back on a history of over 20 years in the
construction of prototypes and vehicles. Even when he was a schoolboy, in every free minute he was
already fiddling around with home-made sports cars and working on his dream. His motto then is
still the same now: „We start at the point where others have already given up.“

Much in the fields of lightweight construction and highly refined aerodynamics has been borrowed
from nature, as nature always demonstrates an enormously high level of efficiency in all its „designs“.
Also, some solutions have their origins in Formula 1 when it comes to both technical components
and the construction methods used in the car.

The very low drag coefficient (cw value) resulted from a reduction in the cross-sectional area of the
vehicle to an absolute minimum. There is no superfluous material to impede the lines, so that the
consistent implementation of „form follows function” has led to a very special appearance with its own
highly technically- and performance-orientated, futuristic aesthetic.

The Beck LM 800 is a car that imparts a feeling of pure enjoyment of sport from within, has optimal
driving characteristics thanks to its active, electronically controlled chassis and has enormous
power reserves at its disposal as a result of its very light weight. In addition, the vehicle is very easy
to maintain, thanks to its modular construction and telescopic jacking system.

The basic construction of the car is similar to a Formula 1 racing car with a central monocoque
made of composite materials that protect the driver and provide the necessary rigidity. Fixed to this
are the engine and gearbox support, as well as the front transverse control arms of the chassis.

The central monocoque takes all the static load and provides the car with its necessary rigidity.
It is made up from an aluminium frame and the latest composite materials. The same material mix of
carbon, Kevlar and aluminium that is used for the monocoque is also used for various bodywork
parts. This has the big advantage that the new regulations governing personal protection have already
been implemented.

All attachment parts are made of a high-strength aluminium alloy. They are milled out of solid pieces,
undergo surface treatment and are then power coated. 

The top four layers of the visible parts are made of carbon and the fabric and leather covered components are made of 100% Kevlar. All parts are screwed and/or glued together. The ergonomically shaped seats are produced specially and made of several layers of Kevlar which are then well upholstered. The digital instruments satisfy even the toughest demands.

The car has an electronically controlled, hydraulic active chassis, as normally used in Formula 1 cars,
which reacts to all telemetry data. The wheels are also made from specially manufactured aluminium parts, milled out of solid pieces and then coated.

The engine is a V8 with a displacement of 4.2 litres, also equipped with a turbo-charger that has
been specially produced for the Beck LM 800. A semi-sequential, 7-speed gearbox ensures smooth
power transmission to the wheels via a limited slip differential, with plenty in reserve at 650 HP.
Gear changing takes place either with a conventional gearstick or using a rocker switch on the steering wheel.

The built-in pneumatic jacking system, making tyre changing child’s play, is very innovative in a car
approved for street use, as it is normally used on racing cars.

The price for the basic version of the Beck LM GTR is CHF 750,000. We would be delighted to calculate a price for a special version, taking into consideration the engine size, (550 HP/650 HP/850 HP/1000

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