2007 BMW Concept CS

(from BMW Press Release)  The BMW Concept CS.

  • Concept study of a four-door Gran Turismo for the luxury segment.
  • Modern, sophisticated surface design bearing testimony to a supreme standard of craftsmanship and experience in moulding convex-concave surfaces.
  • The very essence of brand values so typical of BMW in a new segment ensuring a perfect combination of superior dynamics and stylish exclusivity.
  • Modern interpretation of the premium concept ensured by extreme precision in every design detail, choice of the most refined materials, and perfect craftsmanship.
  • Previously unseen combination of vehicle dimensions and weight ensured by consistent implementation of lightweight strategies.
  • European-style aesthetics, clear emphasis on the car’s stretched look, low-slung roof-line, low centre of gravity, extremely long wheelbase (see “Exterior and Interior Dimensions”).
  • Innovative interior design with layered surfaces, clearly defined joints serving a functional purpose.
  • Clearly defined, sporting seat position for four occupants.

    Exterior design:

  • Sporting, sleek and low-slung all-round look as an expression of
    a four-door Gran Turismo.
  • Highly expressive, dynamic front-end design with the striking
    BMW kidney grille as the central highlight.
  • Prominently positioned BMW kidney grille to ensure a good supply
    of cooling air to the engine.
  • Re-interpretation of BMW’s classic contour line at the side, door handlers fitted flush in position as a consistent testimony to the car’s attractive sculpture.
  • Powerfully flared wheel arches, 21-inch light-alloy wheels,
    body width increasing towards the rear and thus emphasising
    the sporting, wide track of the car.
  • Flowing roof area with aerodynamically optimised contours.
  • Innovative headlights with LED reverse projection technology
    and extremely slender rear lights behind clear glass. Night design with homogeneous light bodies.

    Interior design:

  • Uncompromising, highly aesthetic interior design with layered surfaces (layer design concept) and clearly defined functional joints.
  • Driver-oriented cockpit with clear ergonomic structuring of functions relevant to the driver and oriented towards superior comfort in the controls and displays.
  • Layer design concept also applied to the design of the double circular dials to provide clearly structured information on several visual levels.
  • Focus on the joints and seams around the body panels serving to consciously use air venting and ambient interior illumination options.
  • Supreme exclusivity and perfect craftsmanship in the finish of the interior highlighted by contrasting colours and surfaces in different kinds of leather.
  • Introduction of particularly sophisticated, powerful-looking ceramics as the material for the controls and instruments.
  • Innovative sports seats with a fold-up collar element.

  • Serious Wheels