2007 Ferrari Adonai F-800 Design Concept by Rostami


(from Pedram Rostami)  I designed this car based on my 2D sketches which later used as blueprints for 3Dmodeling, with 3Dstudio Max V.9, Rendered with Mental Ray, this is poly modeling and NURBS model is ready for any other usage in Solid works.

Car specifications (ADONAI-F800)

Length: 4600 mm
With: 2050 mm
Height: 1140 mm
Engine location: Back
Engine alignment: Longitudinal
Steering: rack & pinion PAS
Passenger capacity : 2 sit passenger
Engine: 65 V12
Capacity: 5,474 cc (5.5 liters)
Maximum power: 485 bhp @ 7,000 rpm

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