2007 Gemballa Turbo GT 550


(from Gemballa Press Release)  Delivers powerful thrust in attractive package: GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550, based on the Porsche 997turbo

* 550 bhp and 780 Nm torque thanks to GEMBALLA power kit'
* elegantly sporty aero-kit with features borrowed from racing cars
* complete stainless steel exhaust system and 20-inch Racing 20½wheels
* coilover suspension; larger braking system in preparation

GEMBALLA is one of the top addresses for discerning Porsche tuning. This specialist firm for car customizing from Leonberg is noted for its high-quality conversions, which, in terms of their quality, are equal in every way to the genuine article. Also, when it comes to power, customers always receive the best solution. For the current 997 Turbo, GEMBALLA is now offering a complete aerodynamics kit and an extra portion of power. The result is the "GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550", which is an absolute sensation in terms of its appearance and driving dynamics!

GEMBALLA obtains a fiery 550 bhp from the 3.6 l 6-cylinder engine. Following modification, the boxer engine, which is supercharged by two turbochargers, delivers 780 Nm torque (production: max. 680), producing a significant improvement in flexibility. GEMBALLA attains these values by fitting a power kit comprising a complete exhaust gas system, including metal sports catalysts and a modified engine management system. The Turbo GT 550 requires less than 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. With overboost, a breathtaking 3.6 seconds are made possible. For drivers who are daring enough, the GEMBALLA hot-rod can accelerate to 318 km/h, making the Turbo GT 550 some 8 km/h faster than the production version.

To enhance the visual appearance of the power-boosted 997 turbo, GEMBALLA has developed a particularly elegant aerodynamic kit. The GEMBALLA front spoiler arrives at a perfect combination of elegance and sport appeal. It reduces the lift on the front axle and helps to diminish the drag. The side skirts continue the line beginning at the front spoiler. They help to make the car look lower and optimize the aerodynamics in the area of the rear wings. Discreet air inlets help to cool the tires and brakes, besides adding a touch of racing car flair... with which the Turbo GT 550 can be compared in particular in terms of the tail-end. This is because GEMBALLA has pulled out all the stops here, to ensure that the cars it passes (of which there will be many) are able to enjoy an impressive view. A particularly striking feature is the rear wing that has been significantly modified, compared to the production version. It features openings at the bottom to supply the turbocharged engine with additional "air to breathe". Its top is adorned by the impressive main spoiler, which helps to create downforce for the rear axle. The tailgate skirt has also undergone a complete make-over. Whereas the production version doesn't let you see below the surface, in contrast the GEMBALLA makes this possible through generous use of a racing grille. For example, the rear muffler is visible from the outside. The racing grille also encompasses the powerful tailpipes of the exhaust system - GEMBALLA simply moved them further up, thereby adding the finishing touch to this perfect racing look!

While the Porsche 997 turbo rolls off the line with 19 inch wheels, customers who opt for a Turbo GT 550 from GEMBALLA get one size bigger. The Leonberg-based customizer has chosen to fit the GEMBALLA Racing 20½ Black Edition wheel in a composite look and featuring a stainless steel rim flange. The front wheels come in the dimensions 9 x 20, and the rear wheels in an 11.5 x 20 inch format. To allow the center of gravity to be lowered to suit the particular driver and to further enhance the handling, GEMBALLA also fits a coilover suspension. GEMBALLA is also currently developing a modified larger braking system to offer this power-packed vehicle even better braking performance.

GEMBALLA uses a complete stainless steel exhaust system to perform acoustic tuning. The awesome sound this produces, which is enough to give anyone goose bumps, clearly underscores the fact that this is not just any ordinary 997 turbo racing past. This sound is unique to the GEMBALLA Turbo GT 550! But be warned - it's addictive!

On the inside, GEMBALLA has fitted a new sports steering wheel with a 340 mm-diameter. For the interior, further customized conversions are, of course, available upon request.

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