2007 H&R Springs Lincoln MKZ Project


(from H&R Springs Press Release)  The Lincoln MKZwith features such as All Wheel Drive, 263 HP V-6 engine, and ranking as the Highest Premium Car in Initial Qualityis well poised to take on the BMW 3 series and Audi A4 Quattro, but offers a much better value. As H&Rs 2007 project car, it creates a paradigm shift by combining American style with European handling and luxury. The 2007 H&R MKZ has a modern demeanora super clean, lean look and powerful stance that better showcases its newest components.

The body of the MKZ has a classic, yet contemporary silhouette. The monochromatic black paint molds to the sleek lines of the car, while the chrome badging and highlights allow the Ford/Lincoln heritage to shine through. A 3D Carbon front spoiler helps to increase the vehicles grip on the road while the top and rear lip spoilers increase its sticking power. To incorporate contemporary elements into the design and provide a measure of Super Euro Tuner, stylish Euro fender vents and a black custom grille have been added. Vivid cannibal red MKZ badges make a statement by providing a marked contrast for the look and the LED under lighting offers a pleasant ambiance. Consequently, the look of the MKZs detailing reiterates the H&R reputation for quality components.

Due to the Ford Motor Companys commitment to performance and the specific handling characteristics of the MKZ, H&R has combined comfort and premium performance with its newly created MKZ suspension kit. The H&R suspension, tuned to lower the Lincoln 2.5 inches, results in a smooth and refined ride. Lowering the vehicle improves the handling and the look of the car while also showcasing the custom, hand assembled, polished silver O.Z. Botticelli wheels. The combination of the 20-inch high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires and Botticelli wheels is definitely eye-catching. Also noticeable are the Borla exhaust and shiny exhaust tips, as well as the world class Brembo calipers. Similarly, Goodridge brake lines and Motul lubricants add a level of proven performance to the MKZs newest additions. The level of detail exacted upon the MKZs performance components demonstrates H&Rs continued commitment to quality and premium aftermarket products.

The interior of the MKZ exudes quality and superior functionality as well. To compliment the newest exterior features, the fully custom, subtly enhanced interior has gone from minimalist factory leather to deluxe black microsuede. The upholstery contains stylish accents in tuxedo black that invite visions of indulgence, as does the working European refrigerator. The addition of the custom, backseat refrigerator is perfect for keeping the high-end Voss and Apollinaris cool. The brake and gas pedals have been upgraded to high-grade aluminum to be more aesthetically pleasing while the center armrest is structurally enhanced and further padded to double the cush level for sidin down the stripdont hate on playas brotha! A gently sparkling rear LED lit console further improves the interior ambiance of the MKZ, while the new design further defines the MKZ as being a comfortably functional vehicle with superior components.

Likewise, feel free to roam city street or open road with abandon because the MKZ is outfitted with premium Pioneer multimedia productslook no further for a complete audio/visual system. The Pioneer brand lends a level of quality and proven performance to the project that perfectly compliments the MKZs custom additions. The Pioneer AVIC-D3 DVD Multimedia AV navigational server will keep the vehicle on a pre-determined course while the massive Pioneer professional brand complete sound system dramatically improves driving and riding pleasure. The amps, speakers, and professional separates are conveniently laid out in a custom amp rack in the truck to deliver a complete In Car Entertainment system. The inclusive Pioneer system is another premium addition to the MKZ and definitely improves the driving experience.

In effect, the new look of the MKZ, combined with its superior components and rich automotive heritage, make it impossible to ignore. Whether attracting attention on Madison Ave. or Hollywood Blvd., the H&R Lincoln MKZ will stand out as an intriguing and functional vehicle that offers great potential for matching individual style and performance preferences.

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