2007 HUMMER H3 Open Top


(from General Motors Press Release)  HUMMER H3 OPEN TOP

The 2007 HUMMER H3 has an available oversized power sunroof for an open-air feel, but the H3 Open Top concept goes a step further with ASC’s unique sliding fabric “Infinivu” roof system. The expanded opening provides a nostalgic, safari-style experience in a thoroughly modern midsize SUV. The look and fun factor are classic, but the ease of operation, durability and weather resistance are strictly contemporary. Black chrome finish on the numerous H3 Chrome Appearance Package items available from HUMMER Accessories offsets the sparkling silver paint. Inside, the primary upholstery material is Townsend lambskin leather with Gatsby Green accent stitching.

Vehicle highlights

* Unique, uni-directional sliding fabric “Infinivu” roof system from ASC
* Fixed header, back glass and door
* Silver Spectra Flair tri-coat paint with blackout wheel wells
* 20 x 9-inch Rozzi EGO chrome wheels
* Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 325/50R20 tires
* Custom Townsend lambskin leather upholstery with Gatsby Green accent stitching, Opal Gray trim and Ebony carpet
* Black chrome door panel trim
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system

HUMMER Accessories

Chrome tubular assist steps (concept black chrome)
Chrome brush grille guard (concept black chrome)
Chrome door handles (concept black chrome)
Chrome fuel door (concept black chrome)
Chrome mirror caps (concept black chrome)
Chrome tow hooks (concept black chrome)
Exhaust tips (concept black chrome)
DVD rear-seat headrests
Noise-canceling headphones
Cat-back exhaust system – touring
Hood blanket
Grille-mounted off-road lamps
Roof-mounted market lamps


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