2007 IMSA Lamborghini Gallardo GTV


(from IMSA Press Release) IMSA Gallardo GTV

The breathtaking IMSA Gallardo’s visual attraction is unmistakable. Thanks to its progressive and intuitive technology, this extraordinary sports car also has fascinating inner values to its name.
Despite its state-of-the-art complexity, the midengine sports car’s technology is absolutely suitable for everyday use. For example, the exciting 5.0L V10 featuring more than 600hp and satisfying any desire for superior performance by means of a torque that will send cold shivers down your spine while promising astounding reserves. The performance-increased power train’s manufacturing and quality control is processed by high-end machines which are elsewhere applied for Formula 1 purposes only. Thereby, the standard product’s precision is further outdone. Any customer may watch the machines’ precise and filigree “dance” online. The 4WD system is laid out in a sporty fashion and will guarantee driving fun even in adverse weather conditions.

Without interfering with the original line, the body-kit conscious of tradition is harmonically absorbed by the body in order to make it complete. The IMSA’s design makes sportiness and exclusive appearance follow exactly the same line. The double-spoke rims featuring central locking do unconditionally obey this concept. The precisely adjustable sports chassis will be tuned according to the customer’s wishes. Brakes being provided with well thought-out safety reserves guarantee a deceleration with racing car qualities. Almost passionately, the eight and six piston callipers embrace the luxuriously dimensioned discs. The finest materials are to be found in the interior. Fragrant leather, comfy alcantara, high quality aluminium and CFRP come together in a haptic climax. – After comprehensive advisory, tailored to the customer’s wishes. – IMSA – Italian temperament and German engineering unified for the highest of qualities.

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