2007 JE Design Volkswagen EOS

The styling package includes a front spoiler with spoiler blade, a rear wing, a rear apron attachment, side sills with air inlets, and headlight screens.

The performance enhancements extend to both the diesel and gasoline engines.  For the higher performing 2 liter turbo gasoline motor, the power has been been increased to 244 hp from 200 hp, and torque has been increased to 262 lb-ft.  0-62 mph is achieved in 7 seconds, from the unmodified version's 7.8 seconds.

The lower suspension set drops the car by about 30 mm.  JE Design also offers coilover suspensions with an adjustment rage of 35-65 mm.

19 inch Multispoke rims in 8x19ET 45 on 235/35 R 19 tires round out the enhancements.



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