2007 JNH Ferrari 360 Modena

(from J.N. Hephaiss)  The sensitive task facing us when choosing to work on 360 Modena was whether we could put our own spice on the world’s most complete design, which was Pininfarina and whether we could improve functional-wise what Ferrari’s craftsmanship mastered in ground effect.

JNH’s long standing policy is not to work on anything if it’s only for dress-up purpose. Our motto is to use our magic to better the original design and function.

We have conducted numerous testing with stock car and what we witnessed there was disturbing. In 6th gear and extremely high speed situation, front under cover for which our modeler has nothing but praise was ripped apart and the fear of front lift ran through test drivers mind.

Extensive testing led us to this conclusion: 360 Modena is better left as it is. What we should do is respect the stock body and refine it JNH way.

Utilizing Venturi Tunnela and respecting Pininfarina design, specially on the side view --- What JNH proudly presents are: Front canard that’ll be separately installed, Splitter which looks perfect on smooth side view and Rear under diffuser that effectively handle air from the bottom of body.

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