2007 JNH Porsche 996 GT3 Version 02

(from J.N. Hephaiss)  What's consistent in Version.02 model is Urban Design. What's important in the end is how owners themselves like it, not how it is judged by others. In other words, it's the owners, not manufacturers nor media experts that find and decide the value of GT3. After all, Ver.02 is about how owners like to drive it. It is yin to ver.01's yang.

-Not-too-excessive-but-it-still-stands-out appearance.  Great performance on both winding road and race circuit is without a doubt a must for a car to be called GT3 but it also has to appeal its presence even in a casual daytime cruise in urban area.

Ver.02 provides GT3 owners that rare combination of steady performance and not-too-excessive-but-it-still-stands-out appearance.  JNH takes pride in taking in all different aspects of a car and proposing tailor-made design ideas for each and every car.

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