2007 Koenigsegg CCX


(from Koenigsegg Press Release) CCX Updates for 2007
A new and revolutionary instrument cluster with intuitive display of all important information. The New Koenigsegg Chronograph Direct Focus Instrument Cluster - envisioned by Christian v. Koenigsegg & engineered in-house by the Koenigsegg Engineering Team.

Key Features:

* New Revolutionary Design - Patent Pending
* One single focus to read the most critical data; RPM, Oil pressure, Speed and Boost
* No need to re-focus. The driver’s eyes can be back on the road at least 50% faster compared to traditional dials or LCD readouts, without the utilization of the sometimes disturbing pop- up windscreen displays.
* The main instrument can help visualize the gear ratios and the influence of boost pressure on the RPM advance, as well as velocity and oil pressure

The most intriguing feature of the new instrument cluster is the Patent Pending tri-axial 3D three pointer layout. With this layout the relations between the velocity, engine speed and boost pressure become instantly clear in an unprecedented fashion. The driver can easily pick up on gear ratios and boost pressure enhanced acceleration through the gears.

As the driver become accustomed to this new concept, he will find that during spirited driving there is no need to look at the actual numbers on the dials, but at the relationship and angles between the needles and how they interact with each other, since they all pivot from the same point, similarly to a traditional timepiece. Due to this the driver can re-direct focus from the instrumentation to the road ahead at least 50% faster compared to traditional systems.

Furthermore, this is the first instrumentation in a road car that can actually describe the gear ratios in a comprehendible fashion.

The instrument cluster displays a large amount of understandable information in a small area without the need for menus or the flicking of buttons. The dials use a non-reflective high contrast surface with innovative illumination and fluorescent style needles, a combination often found in aircraft, again for maximum clarity.

With the logical grouping of information in the central cluster, the driver will fi nd fast moving, primary inter-related data in a fixed pattern. The left satellite shows the slow moving needles, such as temperatures and fluid levels.

In the right satellite, the driver finds the distance traveled and a vital and clearly stated fuel pressure dial in solitude.

The warning lights are located in related groups and are only visible when activated, as they otherwise are hidden behind aluminum tinting that matches the billet machined anodized instrument housing.

The design is pure and clean Scandinavian, based on the now famous Koenigsegg circular interior features in combination with exclusive materials.

New bespoke billet aluminum uprights, offering reduced un-sprung weight and increased stiffness.

Traction control is now standard and works extremely well even in the snow or very wet conditions with it’s high performance settings.

Aluminum door hinges have been implemented for further weight saving.

A new ICE-Pod system. Integrated In Car Entertainment Ipod® system. Through the one cable connector to the car, the I-pod is also hooked up to a radio antenna in the car and fully controls RDS radio function directly from the I-Pod. Even though there is only one cable going to the I-pod, it is also being charged by the car at all times.

No normal car stereo functions are missing even considering the very compact format of the I-pod.

Basically there is no need for any other control unit in the car, all functions are directly controlled through the I-pod.

Koenigsegg believes this new way of utilizing the I-pod, will make normal car stereo head units obsolete in most application.

By combining the latest Ipod® technology with a state of the art lightweight carbon fibre trimmed amplifier built by Genesis in England, Koenigsegg has taken the next step in Supercar ICE system design. A side from the improved functionality and significant weight savings, there is also a practical glove-box installed where the traditional unit used to reside and the interior is now even cleaner and more elegant looking.

Ipod is a registered trademark of Apple Corp.

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