2007 Lotus Europa Touring Pack Option


(from Lotus Press Release)  Luxury Touring Pack Option for Lotus Europa S:  More Choice for the Discerning Lotus Driver

The Europa S, the Lotus that introduces the brand to enhanced levels of practicality and refinement, has a new Luxury Touring Pack Option which stretches the Europa S towards the more luxurious end of the spectrum.

The Luxury Touring Pack Option dresses the interior in the smart attire of saddle tan leather, chocolate coloured leather and brown carpets. Where the standard Europa S uses lightweight
composite components for items such as the steering column shroud, dash top, instrument and ventilation binnacles and sill covers, the Luxury Touring Pack Option on the Europa S covers these and other components with four hides of soft high-grade saddle tan coloured and chocolate coloured leather. Supportive sports seats are fitted and are also clad in saddle tan and chocolate coloured leather in a stripe pattern. Safety critical composite components such as the passenger airbag door are coated in a high-tech soft-to-the-touch material. An engine start button and a solid Walnut and Tulip wood gearknob finish off the interior package.

The Luxury Touring Pack Option also stretches to the boot: with brown carpet covering the whole of the boot area including the battery cover, a saddle tan coloured leather trimmed tailgate inner, luggage straps to prevent luggage from moving in the boot (Lotus still expects a laden Europa S to be driven hard!), and a saddle tan coloured leather oddment bag which is fixed to the boot compartment.

Exterior additions to the Luxury Touring Pack Option include tinted rear and rear three-quarter glass, body coloured front driving lamp surrounds, side air-intake surrounds and roof air-outlet grill. All other exterior grilles such as the front radiator grilles and the rear light grille surrounds are coloured silver.

All these added luxuries add very little weight to the feather-light Europa S so spirited drivers will not be penalised by opting for the Luxury Touring Pack.


The Luxury Touring Pack Option is available on the Lotus Europa S from April 2007 priced at £1,250 in the UK and 1,750 in Europe (excluding local taxes), with prices in other markets to
be announced shortly.

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