2007 Project Kahn DB9S for Aston Martin DB9


(from Project Kahn Press Release)  New from Project Kahn: The DB9S styling package for the DB9. The DB9S styling package provides a contemporary look that stays true to the original Aston Martin DBS style. Now the leading design house in the UK Project Kahns team of dedicated designers recognise the importance of staying true to the original design themes of bespoke vehicles while providing a new and dynamic appearance that follows on the original contours of the car.

The DB9S styling package comprises of two front and two rear valance pieces, side skirts and rear boot lip spoiler. The addition of the front valance sections provides the aggressive front bumper and the moulded side skirts provide a low to the road look which beautifully sets off the curves and flows of the original bodywork. The styling package is finished off perfectly by a set of 20 Kahn RSV alloy wheels, which Aston Martin actually used on their DBS prototype.

This package is an ideal way to transform a standard DB9 into the ultimate prestige marque. In an age when more and more individuals are able to afford luxury cars, the need to optimize their appearance becomes vital.

Visit www.projectkahn.com or call 01274 749999 for further details.

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