2007 Racer X Design Alfa Romeo GTV Evoluzione


(from Racerxdesign Press Release) GTV Evoluzione

The star of the XLR-8 motor show in Europe, and winner of the best modified classic on show, the GTV Evoluzione was the creation of the racerxdesign team in Malta (a small island in the Mediterranean).

The design is the work of Reuben Zammit and was aimed to incorporate the classic looks of the original Alfa Romeo GTV of the late 70s, together with a more menacing muscle car touch.

The car was built by hand using only sheet metal by Jean Paul Pisani, and using a scrapped 1979 GTV as a base car. Both the front end and the back end were completely cut off and re-built from scratch, the track was widened by 8 on the front and 9 on the back, using one off wheels designed in-house!

The drive train was replaced by a 3.0 V6 24v last generation Alfa Unit, giving the car a more suitable power output. Brakes were also up rated to 4 pot Brembo calipers and 300mm vented discs, so were the suspension system and chassis in general.

This is not the first award winning creation by this group and it wont be the last. We did not want the Evoluzione to be the fashion of the moment. The aim was to keep it looking an Alfa, full of passion says Reuben Years will pass and this car will still look stunning.


We started building show cars in 2004 and won several awards in both design and construction with the cars we built for customers (including the Extreme class title from 2004 to 2006, having a break in 2007 to introduce the GTV and winning its class just the same). The team grew more mature now and has the capability to build complete one off cars such as the GTV Evoluzione and the RCX. Hopefully you will see the first home grown super car within a year concludes Reuben.

The group is currently introducing design services to companies in the automotive sector, together with offering the capacity to build prototypes and moulds.

Visit www.racerxdesign.com for more information

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