2007 RoadRazer



The RoadRazer Company will travel all the way from Denmark to hold the worldwide launch of the RoadRazer high performance streetcar at Autosport International, 11-14 January 2007, at the NEC in Birmingham. The brainchild of engineer Mikkel Pedersen, the RoadRazer has already been tipped as the ultimate driving machine and the RoadRazers stunning performance and sleek racing car looks are sure to make this road-legal track car centre of attention at the NEC.

Weighing just 300kg, the RoadRazers dry-sump converted Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc engine pushes out approximately 175hp, achieving 62mph in just three-seconds. Featuring sleek carbon-fibre chassis and bodywork, the RoadRazer promises to deliver stunning performance levels thanks to the cars extremely low-weight, low centre of gravity and effective aerodynamics.

The sports cars monocoque comprises a sandwich of carbon, aluminium honeycomb and carbon, delivering extreme torsional stiffness. The driver and the passenger, who sits directly behind the driver with legs straddled either side, are protected inside the monocoque with front and side protection by means of replaceable bodywork, whilst other safety features include a foam-filled safety fuel cell.

Developed using state of the art technology, the RoadRazer also features a six-speed sequential gearbox, aluminium double-wishbones, a Quaife diff and push rod operated in-board adjustable dampers. The RoadRazer is made from composites, anodised aluminium and stainless steel, preventing any future corrosion.

The RoadRazer is the fruition of one mans dream, Mikkel Pederson, who started to build karts with his brother and his father at the age of seven. Mikkel followed his father into engineering, married an industrial designer, Lone Stubdrup, and together they founded the RoadRazer Company. Some 33 years later, Mikkels childhood dream has finally come true with the production of the first RoadRazer streetcar.

Mikkel commented: In my opinion, the UK is the centre of the world when it comes to motorsport and related products, so when it came to deciding where to hold the launch the choice was obvious. To us, Autosport International is the place to be, in order to address the UK market, whilst getting indications from the rest of the world.

The show has a huge scope of worldwide media coverage and it is unique in that it attracts trade and consumer visitors, which is why Autosport International is the ideal place for us to conduct our networking and reach our target enthusiasts.

Located just three inches from the ground, the driver will experience an authentic formula car experience in the RoadRazer, with acceleration, breaking performance and cornering capabilities that are second to none. RoadRazer has confirmed the introduction cost will be £35,000 exclusive of VAT. A kit car version, which does not include donor vehicle parts, will be available for £19,900 exclusive of VAT.

Sitting in the single-seater position the driver can experience the dynamics of the wishbone suspension and the on-board spring dampers whilst performance can be further enhanced by the adjustable suspension. The wheels are visible from this prime seating position, enabling the driver to have full control over the positioning of the RoadRazer on the track and on the road.

A serious sportscar, the RoadRazer comes with the option of data acquisition for logging driving performances and later analysis of acceleration, breaking and cornering performance. The RoadRazers design philosophy is Form Follows Function. The cars unique design complements itself to achieving maximum down force whilst it thankfully lacks any unnecessary materials used for styling purposes only.

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