2007 TopCar Advantage GT Porsche Cayenne


(from TopCar Press Release)  2007 TOPCAR Advantage GT Porsche Cayenne

Advantage GT is the most ambitious project of Moscow tuning company TOPCAR to create unique sport cars based on Porsche Cayenne. The main feature of aerodynamic conversion of Advantage GT consists in that Porsche Cayenne SUV gets lines of classic 911 model range. The result is quite impressive – upon installation of all components Porsche Cayenne visually turns out to be not at all same as usual.

Virtually all original body parts are replaced. New bumper with integrated fog headlights and blinkers from the latest conversion of Porsche 997 Turbo visibly increased aggressive style and at the same time slightly turned lighter the front part of the car. One of the most important novelties – optics of the car: it was also taken from pumped up 997 Turbo. In order to place new optic equipment into proper locations, fixtures were re-developed, as well as front wings, which were manufactured for this very purpose. Hood of the car was also modified, it became logic succession of family radiator guard but has now a pair of new fins.

The profile of the car has also visibly changed. Now, it looks more like big coupe with protruding gills in the muscled rear part. An elegant solution is found for rear door knobs. In fact, there are no knobs on the body, there are small buttons on the internal side of the gills of rear wings, and they are hardly visible.

New rear bumper with diffuser and anti-wing at fifth door became a logic succession of the car design. As a result, the car width grew by 10 cm, and new bumpers make it longer by 20 cm.

Naturally, the engine was not left unchanged. The car with such exterior should run in an appropriate manner; and in this area TOPCAR Company is assisted by its partner – well-known German tuning company 9FF, which specializes on tuning of Porsche cars. 9FF has various options of Power Kit to increase capacity of Porsche Cayenne engines, which provides of quite impressive characteristics to the car.

Special attention is paid also to the interior in this elaborate project. It is merely has no chances to remain standard and is substantially re-developed. Exclusive wood, leather, alcantara are used in the finish work, as well as parts of high-tech carbon various by their texture and design.

Within the frame of this project TOPCAR Company has plans to build a limited series of 50 cars. The price of aerodynamic body kit for Advantage GT is EURO 50,000, which seems not too much taking into consideration the scale of the project and the quality of manufacturing. Each car will have own personal number. 25 cars have been already manufactured. This aerodynamic kit can be created on the basis of any Porsche Cayenne, even from previous generation.

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