2007 Toyota 2000 Concept


(from SURE Design Press Release) REVIEW

The TOYOTA 2000 SR concept is a tribute to the mythic TOYOTA 2000 GT, considered the first Japanese Supercar as it revolutionized the way that Japanese car manufacturers were viewed in regards to their skill. In its production, Toyota proved to be one of the Japanese most ambitious companies.

As we all know, TOYOTA has settled worldwide as being the top selling company, despite not having a strong and visible history behind. We consider that it was time to show a Concept that benefits the heritage of the TOYOTA 2000GT, the first Japanese model that could rival European and American SportsCars.

The SR shows an example of SURE DESIGN's capabilities applied to a high performance sports car with an understated look, geared towards a future concept of sustainability and adaptation to its environment.

With a two-seater hybrid coupe in mind, light and sensible, the SR offers a solution that balances the exciting shape of a sports car with good taste, coherent aesthetics and advanced technology. Its characteristic expression, unique and unmistakable, comes from its pure form, with a delicate smoothness to its surfaces and lines of great character that results in a sophisticated automobile, with an athletic styling. Clean, agile and elegant.

With the impressive TOYOTA 2000 GT in mind, the new SR silhouette is defined by its expansive bonnet, which houses the engines.

The wrap-around cockpit and wheel arches sit on voluminous sides, which give it a robust aspect. An almost technical appearance is integrated in the compact, fluid and aerodynamic body. The roof falls off abruptly and the rear of the car, shortened to improve aerodynamic efficiency, ends with a single piece. The wheel rims, light and technical, seem to move even when stationary.

The body, which is composed of a scarcity of pieces, highlights its uniquely styled doors which provide access to the passenger area and boot, glass surfaces are kept to a minimum with weight saving in mind.

The SR is propelled by a hybrid engine: A 3.5-liter V6 turbo front mid-engine position has been adopted, that boots up to 610 horsepower. It is designed to run on bio fuels with rear wheel transmission on circuits and race tracks, with the characteristics and
behaviour that of a high-end super sports car. The second front-mounted electric motor would be capable of independently driving the front wheels which would move the SR around cities or countryside in pollution free mode, at moderate speeds and absolute silence.

PS. This car is a styling exercise, and not meant to be in production.

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