2007 Twike


(from Twike) 

Futuristic design, forward-looking technology.

  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  • Piloting a TWIKE is the revolutionary driving experience.

  • TWIKE -tomorrow's mobility for today's people.

  • Intelligence on three wheels

    The TWIKE captivates you with its innovative design and on the road performance. With a top speed of 55 miles per hour and a range of up to 90 miles, whether for work or play, open convertible top in the summer, or buttoned up warm and dry in the face of wind and rain and even snow, your trusty TWIKE takes you where you want to go.

    Joystick steering: Simple intuitive, and fun!

    With the joystick you have complete fingertip control of steering, acceleration, turn signals, and brakes, all in one hand. Cruise control provides for a relaxed and energy saving ride.

    The design: sleek and elegant

    The TWIKEs aerodynamic shape is as efficient flowing  through the air as it is pleasing to the eye, and the soft convertible top adds to the fun of driving. Different models, options, and colors offer room for individual expression.

    The TWIKE battery: powerful and enduring

    With 336 volts and up to 17 amp hours of power, the battery provides for fast acceleration, hill climbing strength, and long range. High technology for eco-friendly locomotion.

    The computer: Monitoring system for safety and information 

    The on-board computer passes the pilots commands on to the TWIKEs electronic brain. The digital display informs the pilot about battery charge, range, speed, and much more

    The electric motor: Strong and Efficient

    The high performance AC motor converts energy efficiently into motion, and the intelligent control system provides for slip-free braking and acceleration even on icy roads. And through the magic of regenerative braking, the motor can also convert motion back into energy, effectively refueling the battery whenvever the vehicle decelerates.

    The hybrid drive: fitness through pedaling - a true sports car 

    The TWIKE ACTIVE combines an electric motor with a pedal drive, in a unique system that converts muscle power directly into motion, while allowing electric power to assist instantly and at any time. This new exo-bionic synergy between person and machine fulfills the desire for freedom and independence, while still allowing movement through space with efficiency and quickness. Time spent powering the TWIKE trains the muscles, boosts the circulation, and sharpens the mind.

    Extreme efficiency: Responsibility for the Future

    The unrivalled efficiency of about one kilowatt hour of electricity used per one hundred miles travelled means an ultra low energy cost of far less than one cent per mile. And driving a TWIKE becomes even more eco-friendly if the power to charge it comes from renewable resources. As a zero emissions electric vehicle, the TWIKE may be eligible for federal, state, and local tax credits and incentives in your area.

    -The TWIKE Manufacturer, Germany, www.twike.com ,
    -Director of North American Operations: Mike Patterson, www.twike.us 

    The TWIKE Battery

    The TWIKE can be fitted with different battery types. The NiCd batteries offer an economical relationship between capacity, power, and weight. Facts like quick chargeability, high capacity at temperatures between -10 and 45C, and long lifespan are the advantages of this type.
    The NiCd battery offers a maximum range of 90km and is the most robust and durable battery today. If you need a range of more than 100km per charge you have the option of using the new NiMH battery.
    The TWIKE battery modules work on a high voltage level. 280 cells in series provide a net voltage of 336V. The reliability and endurance of the modules is achieved through an optimal control and monitoring system. The on-board computer uses five different charging phases to always ensure maximal battery capacity. Computer and battery management system communicate permanently and transmit the data to the digital display.

    The range depends on several factors like speed, weight, road conditions, and weather. The range of the TWIKE ACTIVE also depends on your own fitness. By using your muscles you can extend the range by 5-20%. In extreme conditions the actual range can be higher or lower than the given values.

    Technical data:

    Type: Three wheeled vehicle, convertible, two seater
    Registration: motorcycle. ZEV
    Maximum speed: 55 mph Range per charge: Up to 90 miles, depending upon battery type
    Charging: 120v or 240v
    Economy: The electric equivalent of 250 to 500 miles per gallon
    Drive Motor: 336V, 3kW, asynchronous motor
    Weight: 520 pounds empty, 990 pounds maximum loaded
    Dimensions: 9 long x 4 wide x 4 high
    Luggage space: sixteen cubic feet
    Construction: Aluminum alloy space frame with thermoplastic body
    Price: between ~ 18,000 and ~30,000 , depending on range and exterior

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