2007 WRAPworks Mercedes-Benz CL 500


(from WRAPworks Press Release) EXCLUSIVE-FOLIATION by WRAP works

Both as a commercial label, heat protection and / or privacy shield, decorative interior design or stylish area individualization, films have become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. The fact that virtually unlimited design possibilities with the help of professionally applied film technology exist, it has spread up into the cauldron of the automotive industry as an incontrovertible fact.

Also the young company of WRAPworks in Bergisch Engelskirchen knows well how to work with foiling, and it is exactly where the exclusivity makes difference. "Affected" in the present case is a Mercedes-Benz CL 500 manufactured in 2007, it is the new platform C216 which replaced the C215 platform. Before the foliation in White Metallic Matt certain design elements at WRAPworks, which were then seen as a relief to the foliation were glued together. Then trained professionals from Timo LOHMEIER have made an emphasis on acid green accents. The grille is foiled only partially, but also possesses an own logo.

The head lights feature lighting capacity of about 5 %, which are therefore illegal for the (official) roads. So much about the optics. Concerning the performance, a muffler fabricated from stainless steel with the value of 1,200 euros, certainly, contributes to the vehicle from its part. Stock figures of the car of 387 hp (285 kW), 530 Nm torque and 250 km / h Vmax are supported by an adequate increase in performance by optimizing the software to now 410 hp (301 kW), 550 Nm torque and were increased to unrealistic Vmax of 280 km / h. At the same time fuel consumption is reduced only by about 0.4 l/100 km. As a link between car and road serve 21-inch rims made by Lorinser with tires of following dimensions 255/30 R21 on the front axle and 285/30 R21 mounted on the rear axle respectively.

The price of the „wrapping“ in White Matte Metallic, design and lighting tint is 2850 Euro.

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