2008 AC Schnitzer ACS1 BMW 1-Series Convt


(from AC Schnitzer Press Release)  1-series Cabrio with even more "M"-otion

AC Schnitzer brings out second bodywork kit for 1-series BMW

M-Technik pack factory fitted, or prefer an exciting body kit from AC Schnitzer? Why not both! Because after the spectacular bodywork components of the 1-series coupé and cabrio, chief designer Michele Viandante of the Aachen-based BMW tuner has developed a "stunning" update for the M-Technik version in every detail. With sophisticated AC Schnitzer attachments for the front and rear skirt, this sets the final accents in sporting style. The front part, almost totally vertical as standard, is enhanced by extensions which protrude forwards like a spoiler edge. Viandante has managed to retain the impressive beefiness of the 1-series, and at the same time create a far more dynamic note. A further design feature are the greatly enlarged side air intakes on the front spoiler. This gives the car a greedier, more competitive look. At the same time, the chromed webs give an air of elegance and luxury.

The fact that the 1-series not only looks extremely quick, but also is extremely quick, is proven by the AC Schnitzer performance upgrades. The spearhead is the 135i which rises from 225 kW/306 HP to 265 kW/360 HP. The diesel power plants also have a lot of reserves. The 120d increases from 130 kW/177 HP to an impressive 154 kW/210 HP. The 123d, normally good for 150kW/204 HP, now develops 177 kW/240 HP. Fast acceleration, and most other road-users are already far behind the BMW. And here too there are also clear differences to be found from the normal AC Schnitzer bodykit. Instead of a rear skirt attachment, the M-Technik variant has a far larger and more dominant bumper insert. Extending far in the direction of the boot lid, with long ribs in the style of a diffusor, this lends a very racy look when combined with the chromed

AC Schnitzer exhaust tailpipe in "Racing Design“. AC Schnitzer alloy wheels, here in the filigree sporting design Type IV "BiColor“ in 19", complete the model athlete. And the power lies "in the legs“ – suspension development is one of the core competences of the tuner, founded in 1987. Depending on personal preference, the customer has a choice of a suspension spring kit, sports or race suspension. All components have been set up on the Nürburgring by racing driver Manfred Wollgarten, Engineering Director. Which doesn't mean that the 1-series by AC Schnitzer isn't any fun for a gentle cruise along the boulevards.

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