2008 ASI Bentley Continental Tetsu GTR


(from ASI Press Release)  ASI's automotive masterpiece, the TETSU GTR, is a full custom complete car program for the Bentley Continental GT. Utilizing a super-efficient exhaust system, intensive ECU tuning, enlarged turbocharger turbines, and an improved engine coolant system, the TETSU GTR achieves a breathtaking and unprecedented 800 horsepower.

The Bentley Continental's stately appearance has also been reimagined from the ground up in order to better showcase ASI's spectacular power boost. The 2070mm wide body, long-grill exterior features LED day lights, carbon fiber lip elements and a plethora of dry carbon components (hood, roof cover, trunk lid, rear wing, rear diffuser).

ASI's prestige styling package showcases some of Japan's most traditional and sophisticated artistic traditions; the hood and interior have become a canvas for the skillful hand of Tetsuei Nakamura, who has been comissioned for countless projects by luxury hotels and illustrious locations around Japan, including Enryaku-ji (Mt. Hiei) . The seats and floor mats have been fashioned in the Nishijin weaving legacy, further imbuing each TETSU GTR with the spirit of Japan's cultural capital, Kyoto.

ASI's flflagship TETSU GTR, appearing at the 2008 SEMA Show, boasts a two-tone carbon fiber, Fujiyama matte white color scheme, ASI's 22-inch forged wheels in a special midnight black style, blacked out headlights, a gold dry carbon engine cover, a carbon fiber sports steering wheel,
and ASI's original 12-piston braking system. But as a full custom work, each of the 29 TETSU GTRs to be produced can be entirely customized to the owners' requests, down to the most minute detail.

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