2008 Bugatti Type 12-2 Streamliner Design


(from Racer X Design)  Type 12-2 Streamliner

A few months ago Racer X Design released the sketches of the KC-427, which is currently being built and expected to be shown as a fully built car by the end of the year.

The streamliner is not intended for production, and is just one of the many designs that Racer X Design have come up with.

Designed as an example of a luxurious four seater GT, the type 12-2 is the artwork of Reuben Zammit. The aim was to get the type 12-2 immediately recognizable, yet make a signature of its own for a specific marquee. A classic front engine rear wheel drive layout. The shape allows for a boot bigger than its rivals, yet keeping the lines flowing. The doors take a large part of the side and the roof for easier access.

The idea is to use a VW derived W12 engine with a twin turbo layout hence the name 12-2. Although not as extravagant as the W16 used in the Veyron, there would be enough power to propel the Type 12-2 to over 200 mph.

Racer X Design is a company that has designed and built some of the best show cars in the business winning first place awards in the XLR-8 live competition every time it competed with 4 different demo cars in 2 different classes for bodystyling.

We are now offering various design services ranging from show car design to full concept car design to any individual whether he needs to modify a car for competition use, or companies looking for a design that can meet their needs.

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