2008 Ferrari Historic Challenge


(from Shell Press Release)  The Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge racing series is a thrilling step back in time for participants and classic motor racing enthusiasts, featuring authentic pre-1982 Ferrari, Maserati and Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo cars in their natural environment – the race track.

Oozing old world glamour, the series is far more than a historical racing event. Held at race tracks in Europe and North America since 1996, it gives owners of these historic treasures the opportunity to compete in a controlled racing series and allows spectators to marvel at the grace and speed of some of the most beautiful, rare and valuable cars of the past century, such as the 250 GTO, 250 Testa Rossa, Competition Daytona, and 250 LM.

Created for the enjoyment of all its participants, the drivers are expected to participate in a gentlemanly spirit of fair play, showing respect for the regulations, their fellow competitors and the historic racing cars themselves. The paddock exudes a special atmosphere unlike any other series, with many participants choosing to wear period dress to finish painting the historical picture. From 1996 to the present day, over 200 collector-drivers have taken part.

The participating cars, built by the Italian company up to 1982, must be in possession of a "Technical Accreditation Document" from Ferrari, proving their original provenance. The cars are then divided into racing grids, dependant upon type and date of manufacture. The event has five rounds each in both the European and North America series’. The World Finals takes place in Italy during October, with up to 80,000 spectators in attendance.

It takes a special blend of fuels and lubricants to ensure these historic vehicles run at their optimum performance levels. Shell, which first partnered with Enzo Ferrari in the 1930s, was the logical choice when it came to choosing a fuel and lubricants partner for the series. With unrivalled knowledge, expertise and historical records, Shell scientists continue to create and supply blends specially formulated to suit these unique cars.

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