2008 Ford Australia FPV GTP and GT


(from Ford Press Release)  Building on the strong heritage of the GT nameplate, Ford Performance Vehicles’ new 315kW GT-P and GT deliver the latest evolution of V8 powered vehicles that boast impressive performance and outstanding driving dynamics.

“The new GT range has been fully engineered and designed to incorporate the latest in performance engineering, as well as significant ride and handling advancements,” Ford Performance Vehicles General Manager Rod Barrett said.

“Not only are the new GT and GT-P the most powerful V8s we’ve ever built, but they also deliver the ideal combination of high performance, driveability and fuel efficiency.”

The GT-P and GT are powered by high performance 5.4 litre quad-cam 32 valve V8 engines that produce a maximum power output of 315kW at 6500 rpm and maximum 551Nm of torque at 4750 rpm.

The Boss 315 has been completely re-calibrated to maximise response and driveability, while an improvement in volumetric efficiency allows the engine to breathe better.

The extra breathing capability, along with strength and durability improvements made to the engine hardware, has allowed FPV to increase the maximum revs to 6500 rpm.

“Drivers of the GT will notice improved vehicle acceleration and overall driveability, along with a smoother idle and a better engine note.”

Importantly, the increased power does not compromise on fuel economy and in automatic guise; the FPV GT-P and GT boast fuel economy figures of 14L/100km, a decrease in fuel consumption of 4.8 percent over the previous model.

Complementing the increased power is FPV performance independent double wishbone front suspension and performance Control Blade Independent Rear Suspension (IRS).

Matched to the performance suspension is a Brembo brake package with 355 x 32mm cross-drilled and ventilated front rotors with 4-piston calipers and 328 x 26mm rear rotors with single red piston caliper.

In another first for FPV, owners will have the option of the performance TR6060 six-speed manual transmission, or the ZF six-speed high-torque automatic transmission with Sequential Sports Shift at no extra cost.

Performance and handling

The Boss 315 features a new camshaft profile, new camshaft timing, strengthened piston assembly and a higher compression ratio (10.5:1 to 10.8:1).

A reduction in the parasitic losses has also been achieved through changes to the water pump system and the introduction of an oil pan mounted windage tray, which contributed to both the power performance and the fuel efficiency improvements.

“Our engineers broadened the torque curve, which consequently delivers better pick up and drive at a lower rev range, as well as better get up and go from a standing start,” Barrett said.

“The GT now feels more lively and responsive.”

The GT is equipped with a new high-flow “straight through” twin exhaust system and new stainless steel exhaust manifolds, which maximise powertrain sound quality and minimise back pressure.

The gearing of the manual GT has been adjusted, and a shorter final drive ratio reduces the flat spots between gear changes and delivers a smoother drive.

The automatic transmission has a cylinder cut feature during wide open throttle gear changes, which shortens the torque off, torque-back-on time between gear changes, enhancing the wide open throttle performance feel.

The GT’s suspension has been re-engineered to complement the new Boss 315kW powerplant.

Using the suspension geometry of Ford’s XR as a platform, engineers reconfigured the balance of the car and honed the capabilities of the new spring and damper settings to compensate for the new power and torque outputs.

“We’ve now moved to a Sachs mono-shock damper which has allowed us to refine the balance between a firm, dynamic sports performance feel and a comfortable ride while cruising,” Barrett said.

“This has improved turn-in response, on-centre steering feel and resistance to mid-corner understeer, while reducing the roll rate and eliminating the feeling of ‘nose-heaviness’.”

Exterior styling

The bold exterior styling of the new GT-P and GT is highlighted by the unique front grille treatment, large rear wing, side striping and V8 bonnet bulge accented with a newly designed hood decal.

The striking new headlight accents are a standout feature of the new-look GT, which evolved from an early design direction towards demonstratively sporty, rather than overtly aggressive.

“We wanted to make a statement and distinguish ourselves from the mainstream look and we’ve done that,” said Barrett.

“When one of these cars is coming towards you, you instantly know it’s an FPV.”

The side scallop of the new FG Falcon lent itself to the placement of the trademark GT stripes with the new stripe graphics sitting neatly along the lower sides. The new-look Boss 315 badging will feature on the GT and GT-P’s power bulge and engine cover.

Running on 245/35ZR19 Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres, the 19-inch Alloy wheel design is carried over to the new GT.

“We looked at alternative wheel designs but did not find one that beat our existing GT wheel package,” Barrett explained.

“It looks great and performs well with the GT’s Brembo brake package, so we have chosen to retain the existing design.”

The GT and GT-P are available in 11 exterior colours- Winter White, Vixen, Silhouette, Lightning Strike, Sensation, Ego, Seduce, Breeze, Nitro, Octane and Dash.

The headlight accents are available in a Mid and Dark Argent colour based on the choice of exterior colour.

Premium interior

The GT’s charcoal interior environment is accented with Micro Mesh Black and Saturn Alloy finishes, giving the car a sportier, darker interior and an aggressive feel while also distinguishing it from Ford’s XR range.

The GT’s sports seats are finished in a new Shadow cloth fabric with GT logo embroidered headrests, and Shadow leather seats can be optioned.

Ford’s new centre console design in the FG XR8 allowed FPV to reposition the starter button and the build number closer to the gearshift.

The GT features all the luxuries expected from an FPV, including dual-zone temperature control air conditioning, a sports leather steering wheel with cruise control mounted switches, power front and rear windows, alloy pedal covers and a premium audio system with six-disc in-dash CD with iPod^ integration.


The GT-P is the premium variant of the GT, and features a premium brake package (355 x32mm front rotors with Brembo 6-piston calipers and 330 x 28mm rear rotors with Brembo 4-piston calipers) as standard.

Visually, the GT-P is distinguished by the Satin Chrome treatment on the upper radiator and lower bumper grille mesh and its 19-inch alloy wheels with unique Dark Argent accents.

Inside the cabin the GT-P receives a six-way power driver’s seat and FPV performance sports seats in shadow cloth with silver stitching and GT-P embroidered headrests. Shadow leather seats are a no cost option.

Adjustable pedals on the automatic model and FPV floor mats are standard in the GT-P but can both be optioned on the GT.


For the first time, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) features on the entire FPV sedan range.

FPV engineers worked closely with Bosch to develop a DSC system that is specifically calibrated for both the 315kW engine performance and the unique brake package.

The calibration gives the driver all the requirements of basic manoeuvring and normal driving, but can also operate at a track day in a way that’s not too intrusive. The DSC can be turned off by the driver, however even when the system is turned off a “watchdog” system remains on and is triggered by the use of the brakes.

“While you’re on the throttle and driving the car around corners, if you actually went into a corner, panicked and hit the brake – it will come in,” Barrett said.

The GT also features Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), 4-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), driver and passenger airbags, curtain airbags, side airbags with side thorax, and a reverse sensing system.

A reverse parking camera is available as an option on both the GT and GT-P.

Recommended retail pricing starts from $65,990^^ for the GT and $75,990^^ for the GT-P.
Both model variants, along with the rest of the new FPV FG range will be on sale nationally from June 2008.

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