2008 GeigerCars Ford F-650


(from GeigerCars Press Release) Ford F-650 – the new benchmark for SUVs

For those who know of GeigerCars.de, the tuning specialists native to Munich, this name instantly calls to mind their impressive Hummer SUVs. Up until now, these SUVs have long been regarded as the sumo kings amongst automobiles – however GeigerCars.de has decided to change all that and have now served up something significantly larger on their plate: the Ford F-650.

This monster truck is a solid 21.3 feet long and brings an entire 5.2 tons of curb weight to the scale. The car’s documentation will attest to the fact that the vehicle has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 7.5 tons. As it just lies under the limit, the Ford F-650 can be driven based on the regulations of the “old” class 3 driver’s license. The wheelbase totals 15.1 feet - just barely under the total length of a Hummer H2 (15.8 feet, 2.9 tons). Next to the Ford F-650 the Hummer H2 takes on the appearance of a compact car.

A simple push of the F-650s ignition button awakens the diesel engine typical of American trucks. The 6.7 liter capacity of the formidable Cummins diesel engine is distributed amongst only six cylinders, which means the combustion chambers take on the dimensions of milk bottles.

The calm before the storm: if the 320 horsepower engine no longer serves to impress in today’s day and age, the maximum torque of almost 8851 lb-in (737.6 lb-ft) will provide for untamed astonishment amongst tuning experts.

This robust power is brought forward by an XXL crankshaft to a 6-speed Allison 3000 automatic transmission and in the process distributed to the power rear axle which sports Michelin dual tires in the freight vehicle dimension: 11R22.5. A smooth and comfortable drive is guaranteed by both air suspension and air brake systems.

The driving feel of this exceptional automobile is simply unbelievable. You are the undeniable King of the Road- sympathetically looking down upon the owners of the small sized SUVs such as the BMW X5 and the Mercedes GL, while at the same time all eyes are irresistibly drawn in your direction.
This GeigerCars.de import from the United States of America is priced at 99, 000 Euro.

Those who know Karl Geiger know that he not only imports the Ford F-650 but is happy to modify and to customize it according to customer’s wishes. A range of options is available from chrome tanks on both sides (9,800 Euro) to chrome high pipes (2,800 Euro), as well as other modifications which can be made by arrangement including leather options, gullwing doors, entertainment and navigation systems.

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