2008 Hinterland Concept by Martin Aube


(from Martin Aube)  The Hinterland project is a vehicle design, development and production project, national in scope and using innovative technology to market an affordable yet environmentally friendly car that meets the needs of the people. The design fostered does not rest on obsolescence; it is not subject to replacement for aesthetic reasons but is rather based on clean, innovative lines that will never go out of style. In addition, the design allows for exceptional aerodynamics combining the convenience of a car with an aeronautical fuselage.

The entire project is aimed to give a very distinctive and innovative form to a Canadian design for a long-range electric vehicle. The vehicle is designed to be energy efficient and perfect to travel into a green future. Its aesthetic design along with green features and a good electric engine to power it along make it real special and something to watch out for in the future. Unlike many concept cars, it surely does not delve in the possibilities of the unreal and impossible."

This vehicle is not a muscle car neither a hi-performance car, It was design in a good will for the future of the environment as a functional product with a techno fantasy flair (in fact we worked with a young ladd from the video industry). It was a laboratory work and reseach for obsolescence proof design as well: A cylinder is a pure geometrical shape, the main design problem or challenge was to have a smooth and stable transition from the cylindrical architecture to the ground. The integration of the tires and wheels to the fairings was a tough job. Having myself work for the powersport industry designing snowmobiles, ATV, Jet boats etc, it was some kind of a "redemption work towards planet earth" you might say! ;-) but be reassured, I pursued the design of eye catching and aggressive shapes for customers and in-house projects.

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