2008 H&R Springs Fiat 500

(from H&R Special Springs Press Release)  The Fiat 500 is back - with accessories from H&R

The legendary Fiat 500 is back and everyone wants to get their hands on it. H&R-Spezialfedern has already had this pleasure and has developed exclusive accessories for it.

This year's entire production run of the little Bambino has already been snapped up, thus effortlessly picking up again the success story of a car that has already sold 3.8 million units.

With its cute button eyes and slightly bubble-shaped body, it had won many hearts even before it was launched. It's no wonder that H&R-Spezialfedern employees couldn't wait to get started with the little newcomer either. Before its official launch in Germany, the Lennestadt-based company already developed a few additional extras which will allow the 500 to be decked out according to individual taste.

Apart from the improved good looks, the 30-millimetre lower suspension setting also improves the little retro racer's cornering.

With A.B.E. certification, it's all completely stress-free, almost like the original equipment. The chassis specialists in Lennestadt are also offering TRAK+ wheel spacers which make it possible to create the perfect profile with the fender edge, regardless of which wheel/tyre combination is mounted. In this way, the rounded shapes seem to flow significantly better and are no longer broken up by visible gaps. Those with an Italian sports car passion will not be disappointed either. These wishes are more than accommodated by the height/damper adjustable coilover. Whether the 500 is being driven around Monza, the Nrburgring or an urban ring road, the right setup can be found for all eventualities.

Smart rims with a classic spoke design are supplied by the company eMotion Wheels. The 17-inch wheels, called "Desire", are not only a good match to the design of the 500, they also harmonise perfectly with the lower H&R suspension setting. The 205 tyres add a sporty emphasis.
But there's even more - all parts have already been available since the car's launch in Germany. Every proud owner will be able to give his little baby car that extra touch of individuality which is not yet available through the comprehensive accessory catalogue. "Va bene!"

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