2008 JE Design Porsche Cayenne


(from JE Design Press Release)  Muscular and sporty:  JE DESIGN immediate Porsche Cayenne program

- NEW: Program for Porsche Cayenne
- muscular, sporty styling kit
- 22-inch "SUV"-Select wheels
- better agility as a result of electronic lowering, coilover suspension or sports springs
- dual oval tailpipes of stainless steel

JE DESIGN, previously well known for its modifications of models from the VW Group, is now including another brand in its tuning range. THE sports car brand of all time: Porsche. Thanks to its experience with upmarket SUVs such as the VW Touareg and the Audi Q7, it was an easy step for JE DESIGN to provide the Porsche Cayenne with a new outfit and give it a more original appearance.

Muscular, sporty styling kit

The JE DESIGN styling program for the Porsche Cayenne (957 model) comprises at the front end a spoiler that gives the SUV a significantly more muscular look, with a centre segment that is particularly effective when its bottom section is painted in a different color. The JE DESIGN component is a perfect fit, and integrates ideally into the rest of the design. It also includes LED daytime running lights, which not only enhance the looks of the vehicle but also crucially improve safety. Because "seeing and being seen" prevents accidents. Headlight masks ensure that the headlights no longer stand out with such dominance above the cooling air inlets. By means of this relatively minor design stratagem, JE DESIGN manages to bring additional sporty flair to the front aspect, since the front end also now seems lower.

Once you start a job, you have to finish it. Essential features for the harmonious look include the side sills, conveying an impression of "more meat on the ribs" and giving more character to the Cayennes profile.

And of course a facelifted Porsche Cayenne also needs a suitably elegant conclusion. This is provided by JE DESIGN in the form of an extended rear apron with diffuser styling, so that the individualized appearance of the Cayenne's rear is also more appealing. As in the case of the original apron, the JE DESIGN component also has room on the left and right for the exhaust tailpipes. As a replacement for these, JE DESIGN also offers its own dual oval tailpipes made of stainless steel, which fit perfectly into the apertures.

JE DESIGN offers the parts as complete styling kit (tailpipes separately). In a second step, JE DESIGN offers the kit including LED entry lights, each with five LED light units fitted in the right and left-hand door sills, plus a six-light LED unit mounted on the extended rear apron.

As for other models, JE DESIGN also offers the "Shark Attack" roof fin to finish off the look.

Magnificent 22-inch "SUV"-Select wheels

The muscular appearance of the Cayenne as styled by JE DESIGN is emphasized even further by JE DESIGN SUV-Select wheels. This wheel, especially developed for motoring heavyweights, sports a sturdy, timeless, five-spoke design. JE DESIGN offers it for the Porsche Cayenne in the magnificent size of 10x22 ET 55 (5x130 hole pattern). The one-piece cast wheel is available from JE DESIGN in the "shadow silver / polished face" version or alternatively in "matt black / matt silver face". Naturally JE DESIGN also supplies sets of complete wheels, in which the SUV-Select wheel is equipped with 295/30 R22 XL tires.

Lowered for better agility

JE DESIGN does not just stop at external cosmetics. In order to make the heavyweight more agile, the tuning specialists have lowered the body and thus the Porsche Cayennes center of gravity by about 35 mm, with the aid of an electronic lowering module. JE DESIGN also has the answer for vehicles with conventional suspension. In this case, stainless steel coilover suspension with adjustable compression and rebound mode delivers 30- to 70-mm lowering and decidedly sporty handling to match the car's exterior. Alternatively, JE DESIGN offers a set of lowering springs for this

In preparation: Interior with a carbon touch

To give the Porsche Cayenne a sportier makeover inside as well, JE DESIGN is currently preparing various visual carbon treatments for the interior components of the upmarket SUV.

More information about the comprehensive JE DESIGN tuning program for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group and Porsche can be found at www.JE-DESIGN.de

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