2008 Koenigsegg CCX

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Founded in 1994, the Swedish firm Koenigsegg delivered its first street car to a customer in 2002. That car, the CC, gave way to the CCX in 2006. The CCX was powered by a 4.7 liter V8 with twin superchargers producing 806 hp, with an output of 171.5 hp per liter. Unlike the CC with a Ford engine, the powerplant in the CCX was developed in-house.

This car finished in blue features an air splitter, side splitters, and rear wing all in raw carbon fiber.

As of this writing on January 22, 2016, this pristine car has virtually no mileage other than delivery, and it is for sale from SuperVettura in Britain.


(from SuperVettura Press Release) 2008 Koenigsegg CCX

SuperVettura are pleased to offer what we consider to be one of the most collectable Koenigsegg in existence today.

The vehicle we present today offer the absolute peak of collectability amongst Koenigsegg cars, a very rare and collectable US Certified CCX with delivery mileage.

The CCX was the third generation car from Koenigsegg. It was the first Koenigsegg that was truly designed with the latest and greatest tools available. All body and chassis tooling was designed in 3D cad and cut by CNC machines, instead of being hand modelled and built, like the previous models. The roof line was raised and the the bumpers and lighting was changed. The electrical system was now fully digital. Fuses and relays were based on semiconductor technology instead of physical fuses and relays. Even though the CCX in many ways looked like an evolution from the CCR, it was truly a completely new car, almost no components were carried over.

The CCX was designed to comply with global safety and environmental regulations, making it eligible for sale anywhere in the world. This was a great challenge for a small company like Koenigsegg. The performance of the car was staggering, as shown on the famous BBC program, Top Gear, where the CCX took the lap record that lasted for years. The record-breaking CCX was developed to deliver superior performance – both on the track and on the road.

The award-winning aerodynamics of the CCX transmitted the strength and fluidity of its design. It was built to maximize both top speed and efficiency. Every aspect of the CCX served a fundamental purpose. There were no gadgets or unnecessary features on the car – only elements that actively contribute to efficiency and purity.

The CCX was the first Koenigsegg to move away from a Ford engine block based design. The CCX engine laid the foundation for all Koenigsegg engines to come after. The 806 Bhp engine, developed and assembled by Koenigsegg, delivered unmatched power in terms of its size and weight. At the same time, it complied with the toughest emission regulations worldwide. The engine was built to last and to be driven to the limit on a daily basis.

This exact CCX represents a rare opportunity to obtain a CCX that has not seen use since it left the factory in 2008. This is also one of very few cars that can be legally imported and registered in USA, which makes it even more unique.

The car will be delivered with all factory recommended campaigns and service.

This vehicle is in absolute pristine condition as you would expect from a delivery mileage car and makes a great future investment for a collector, or just a perfect car if you are looking for the very best CCX in the world for your enjoyment. As a side note it’s worth mentioning that the car is hand signed by Mr von Koenigsegg himself. (Inner side of front bonnet)

The CCX is the third generation Koenigsegg to comply with global safety and environmental regulations. The performance of this car is staggering; the record breaking CCX was developed to deliver superior performance - both on the track and on the road.

The car still maintains the distinctive shape of previous CC models but has an enhanced appearance with tighter lines and a more aggressive stance. These lines are a fundamental aspect of the aerodynamics that has been designed to maximize top speed and efficiency. Every aspect of this machine actively contributes to the performance and purity of the driving experience. The 806bhp Koenigsegg engineered and assembled engine delivers unmatched power in terms of its size and weight. At the same time it complies with the toughest emissions regulations worldwide.

• Delivery Mileage (Comes with confirmation from the factory)
• Manual Transmission with last generation updated short shift gearbox.
• 4.7L Supercharged V8
• Clear Carbon Fiber Splitter
• Clear Carbon Rear Wing
• Clear Carbon Side Splitters
• Custom Two-Tone Interior with Leather and Alcantara
• Satellite Navigation
• Reversing Camera
• Sport Chrono Instrument Cluster
• Signed by Christian von Koenigsegg

Price: 1.500.000.00 USD Net For Export

+44(0)1344 842222

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