2008 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Jeremie Paret


(from Jeremie Paret Press Release)  Former Editor in Chief of Modify, a French magazine about luxury tuned cars, Jeremie Paret has several years of experience in car tuning. He developed his interest for cars when he was only 15 years old. From this day, his passion and knowledge did not cease to expand. After graduating with a BTS (French diploma) in Mechanical and Conception, he started his journalist career and worked for "Modify" magazine, for which he became Editor in Chief just after 6 months. He, then, quit after two years to create "International Automotive Business", a French car company, and started to share his love for vehicles by providing his services to offer the opportunity for people to have a car which will be in accordance with their tastes. This new company owns the trademark Jeremie Paret and offers to its customers to tune their car by a brand new way, with the best quality and the best expertise possible. Each car Jeremie Paret builds is unique, numbered and tuned in France (IAB takes charge of the transport of the cars). Moreover, a complete suite of services is offered for each customer like a private weblog to allow them to follow their cars tuning progress. Each car is made via the Virtual Tuning process before being made in real to allow the customer to see how will look his car. Each car tuned by Jeremie Paret comes with a certificate of authenticity, a photo book using professional photographers and a luxury keychain with the cars number engraved on it. International Automotive Business decided to only work with the best tuners of France, thats why the consultant and official tuner from Auto-Moto - the first TV show about cars in France - works with Jeremie Paret.

The first project of Jeremie Paret is this Lamborghini Gallardo LP560, with Asanti Diamond wheels and pink brakes. It has carbon fiber side skirts, a front bumper with a Reventon style and a carbon fiber lip, and a bigger rear diffuser. The door handle is in carbon fiber too. The interior is fully customizable, with luxury leather/alcantara seats and parts and an Alpine/Focal In Car Entertainment system.

For more information feel free to send an email to info@jeremieparet.com or go to our website at www.jeremieparet.com

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