2008 Locus Plethore


(from Locus Press Release)  The PLéTHORE 2007, nicknamed « the Quebec bomb », a high performance “supercar” with an exotic design, will officially be launched on January 18th at The Montreal International Auto Show. This luxury high performance car, completely manufactured in Quebec by HTT Locus Technologies, has already aroused passion and interest.

The PLETHORE has been imagined and designed by Mr Luc Chartrand, an electronic and composite material specialist, who has combined all his personal skills and abilities in order to create his “dream car” !!!

The PLETHORE’s body and frame are entirely composed of carbon fiber, the very same material used in F-1 cars for its lightness and solidity. With its high-tech interior design, room for three people and a central driving position, the PLETHORE should amaze and attract many car lovers.

“Not only does it offer incredible visibility from the central driver position, the car also provides room for as many as three people up to 6’6” in height… a first for this class of vehicle”, comments an impassioned Mr. Chartrand.

Powered by a 750 horsepower engine (standard) or an optional engine of 1,300 horsepower capable of exceeding 330 KPH, and with an overall weight of 1,100 kg, the Pléthore is an extremely powerful vehicle as demonstrated by its amazing weight to power ratio.

The PLETHORE 2007 prototype will be displayed on the 7th floor (7th Heaven) at The Montreal International Auto Show from Jan. 19th to Jan. 28th 2007 (booth 7-1)

HTT Locus Technologies plans to limit at 400 the numbers of PLETHORE manufactured annually. The car’s retail price is $330,000 CDN and its exotic design is simply breathtaking! First cars should be delivered, on order, by the end of Summer 2007.

Locus technologies Inc is a private Quebec company founded in 2000 by Mr Luc Chartrand in order to develop and manufacture new “supercar” type of vehicles. Other private investors are also involved in the company.

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