2008 Lorinser smart fortwo


(from Lorinser Press Release) Short for power Smart with 104 hp

Lorinser makes Fortwo 180 km/h fast

There can be no doubt: the Smart Fortwo has what it takes to become a cult vehicle. Thanks to Sportservice Lorinser Smart owners will now rob drivers of other vehicles not only of their parking space but also of the pole position at the traffic light. The Swabian tuning firm was able to boost the performance of the three-cylinder turbo engine from 84 hp to 104 hp. Add to the mix a weight of less than 800 kilograms and a semi-automatic transmission that is much faster than the one built into its predecessor and you are talking about a vehicle that has dynamic road performance written all over it. Even the factory-tuned model is no match for this kind of performance. This rear-wheel powered vehicle accelerates to 100 km/h in much less than 10 seconds and can go up to 180 km/h. Since the speed of the production model is electronically limited to 145 km/h, the Lorinser Smart upgrade also features an updated speedometer.

The latest Smart upgrade from Winnenden is also available for drivers who own a model with a smaller engine. After undergoing the Lorinser power treatment, even the base model, previously powered by a 61 hp engine, easily surpasses the performance of the medium production model (71 hp) and clearly beats its maximum speed (156 km/h). Lorinser will give those who already have 71 hp at their disposal a boost to 77 hp: power that is sufficient to accelerate this compact city car to up to 160 km/h. Lorinser also took care of the prestigious ability to pass other cars. Thanks to its U-shaped air intake, covering a sport grill, the wide front bumper included in Lorinsers body kit seems to literally suck in the road. What is more: the Smart seems to crouch closer to the ground since the edge of the spoiler is drawn far down.

Even those who only see the Smarts rear end will at least be able to appreciate its extremely dynamic design. Its four-pipe exhaust system that cheekily protrudes through the well-proportioned rear bumper leaves no doubt about the punch this little bundle of energy packs. If requested, Lorinser can also supply a sport muffler for use in the production bumper.

The Lorinser fender extensions give the Smart its most significant visual characteristic: a particularly muscular back. A total of 55 mm in increased width provide room for gigantic 8.5x17 inch aluminium rims with 245/35R17 tyres on the powered rear axle. The front axle can accommodate 7x17 inch rims with 215/40R17 tyres. The Speedy design with its six turbine-shovel-shaped spokes is a real eye-catcher and showcases the vehicles exceptional dynamic even when it is not in motion. Said dynamic is no empty promise since the wide tyres place the vehicle on a sound footing when driving fast through curves.

Even if no modifications are made to the vehicles body, front and rear tyre widths can easily reach 205/40R17 and 225/35R17, respectively, with rim sizes remaining identical. However, those who prefer smaller sizes can select Fancy, a kit of 15 inch rims featuring axe blade-shaped spokes. When combined with optional M+S tyres, this rim kit is particularly well suited for winter tyres. The interior of the Lorinser Smart also clearly distinguishes itself by an added sportive note. The carbon-accented parts, the brushed-aluminium clock, revolution counter and speedometer as well as the specially designed HiFi and navigation system round off the interiors great impression.

This is all thanks to the fact that, to Lorinser, no detail is too small even if its found on a length of merely 2.70 m.

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