2008 Lumma Design BMW CLR X530


(from Lumma Design Press Release) Wider and faster: CLR X530 from LUMMA DESIGN based on the new BMW X5

Once again, LUMMA DESIGN takes on a real challenge - now with the new X5. The Swabian tuners provide an individualized appearance implementing outer and inner enhancements for the exceptional successful Bavarian SAV. Additionally, under the X5's hood the 4.8 litre V8 has received a moderate power enhancement. Voilà: the CLR X530 is born!

Widening body kit CLR X530

The lion's share of the new, individualized appearance has been created through the new LUMMA body kit CLR X 530. It includes a front spoiler with fog lights and extravagant air intake ducts, a rear apron in diffuser-look, brawny muscular wheel arch extensions, new side sills, and logo "CLR X530".
The body kit can be further enhanced with additional parts. For example, LUMMA offers a roof spoiler extension with simple adhesive application to the rear hatch upper edge. A particular eye-popper is the high quality, hand crafted LUMMA sport-looking light-weight hood (10.5 kg) of carbon-Kevlar composite material with the characteristic opening for warm air emission from the engine compartment. A set of LUMMA sport designed outer mirror covers exchangeable to the original parts, perfect the aerodynamic appearance matching to the LUMMA body kit. The mirror covers are also available made of carbon; racing sports material par excellence. The front CLR X530 headlights have been perfected by LUMMA with the aide of an "eye brows" set providing a "serious look". For a perfect match, LUMMA provides the rear lights with a 4-part covers set also with adhesive application. The best looking effect for darker finish vehicles is LUMMA dark toned rear lights (available for Export models only!). Through the LUMMA exterior kit "Titan matt", the X5 can receive its polished finish. It comprises of titan coloured laminated door and window framework, a casing for the BMW typical double kidney grille, and roof extensions.

A great idea for parking lots or other poorly lit areas is LUMMA entrance lighting. Comprised of five floor LED's each to left and right sides, it illuminates when unlocking or climbing into the vehicle, lighting the way for occupants.

Power enhancement plus striking engine kit

The 4.8-Litre V8 from BMW certainly doesn't belong to the weakest category and while one can never have enough power, LUMMA encourages just a wee bit more horsepower out. The increase power of 21 kW/ 28 HP obtains LUMMA with new programming of engine electronics including fine tuning. Following the available from LUMMA-only modifications, is an increase of top speed by about 10 to 15 km/h as well as approximately 35 Nm increased torque for a superior locomotion. The really big bomb being geared up from LUMMA for the Essen Motor Show 2007 is a compressor alternation whose engine power can easily be derived from the name of the body kit X530! A super-X5!

Whether with power enhancement or not, the LUMMA attractive engine kit brings shine to every engine compartment. It covers the engine in carbon with red laminated intake manifold and red laminated air ducts.

A further performance plus promises LUMMA's sport stainless steel exhaust system. The possible extra power gained from this flap control equipped construction moves in the range from ca. 6-8 kW. Available added extras are the sporty end tailpipes for both series as well as LUMMA equipped vehicles. LUMMA offers the four-pieced set (size: 125x95 mm) in either in black or anodised silver for diesel and gasoline engine vehicles for application with LUMMA rear apron (see above; "body kit")

22-inch wheels and lower suspension setting

For its complete wheel set, LUMMA provides customers choices of three 22-inch possibilities. First wheel set LUMMA "Racing 1" comprises of the latest 10x22-inch sport rims in multi-pieced look with silver or black matt wheel spider and high polished stainless steel outer rim and logo "LUMMA Racing" on the hub cap. This wheel is soon available for all current SUVs such as VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or the Mercedes ML. Second alternative is the wheel set "Racing 2" with single piece sport rims in Y-Design "LUMMA Edition" and titan matt finish. As third possibility LUMMA offers the wheel set "Racing 3" with single pieced rims in multi-piece look and high polished stainless steel outer rim. LUMMA equips all three variations with high performance tires in dimensions 295/30-22 from its technology partner Toyo or Yokohama.

In combination with LUMMA lowering for vehicles with air suspension up to 40 mm, LUMMA's wheels appear eben bigger. Positive side effect: reduced center of gravity, improved vehicle handling.

Value added interior

For the CLR X530 interior, LUMMA offers a program of numerous added accessories. Ergonomically formed in luxurious burl wood/leather styling, provides the LUMMA steering wheel more solidarity to the vehicle. A further modification for the cockpit is obtained through new instument gauges equipped by LUMMA in desired colour. Optionally, a speedometer extended to 360km/h can be ordered as well. Racing car atmosphere is obtained with LUMMA aluminium foot pedals and an aluminium foot rest. A Foot mat set in highest standard velour quality with stitched logo and real leather bordering (in choice colours) gives the passenger compartment a homey feeling. LUMMA offers a matching trunk matt of the same material.

All built-in parts and accessories are without question, TV certified.


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