2008 Morey Concept by Felix Runde


(from Felix Runde)  Morey was born in a project at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany. In the year 2007, there was a challenge to design a light weight construction with an official approval. Morey is a racing car with organic shapes. It has classic influences based on old cars like the Cobra. What is notable about the shape of Morey is that it changes from every perspective. For best weight distribution, the motor is in the middle of the car.

It receives air from intercoolers that are positioned behind and to the side of the driver and passenger seats. This is a brand new look and sound. The grille pushes forward, and below there is a spoiler for air contact pressure. At the rear there is a diffuser to steady the car. For optimal performance, the tires have a normal size (215/45 R17 - 245/40 R17).

Main facts

no top
no doors
no front windshield
basic weight 1102 lbs
2.0-liter FDI engine, biturbo
HP/Weight 4.41 lbs per hp
0-62 mph under 4 seconds


to drive with helmet
. authorized headlights
four point seat belt


wheelbase 98.43 inch
height (without rollbar) 39.37 inch


Felix Runde

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