2008 Parotech Sony Volkswagen Touareg P24


(from Parotech press release)  2008 P24 / SONY show car

In 2008, after more than 2 year of work, PAROTECH reveal the new SONY Show car, by Parotech. With is Radical design, building of the highest quality, the Touareg is unrecognizable, and give to Parotech, here ticket for Hall 1 of the the Geneva motor show.

Another V8, but this time in a very popular SUV : the VW Touareg. Parotech pushed his know-how in new segments and the result is just astounding. Unanimously perceived as an artwork on 24 inch wheels, the Touareg required over 6.000 hours of labor but enabled Parotech to enter the most prestigious automobile fair in the world : Geneva

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