2008 Project Kahn Bentley GTS Black Edition


(from Project Kahn Press Release)  Bentley Continental GTS Black Edition

Project Kahn is proud to announce the launch of the new Bentley Continental GTS Black Edition.

The Black Edition has an eight-piece body consisting of a three piece rear valance, two side skirts, a two piece front valance and a rear boot spoiler. This kit has been developed by our Project Kahn design team and has undergone many hours of testing not only to ensure safety but also to ensure that a perfect fit is achieved for each car.

The Black Edition package contains a full interior styling programme which includes a bespoke Project Kahn Luxury Leather upgrade and high gloss piano black interior fascia panels with the optional extras of either a high gloss piano black steering or a carbon fibre finish steering wheel. Each car comes with privacy tinted glass perfectly matched to compliment the cars exterior.

To complete the low to the road aggressive stance the black edition is fitted with a Project Kahn electronic lowering module. As standard the suspension is lowered by 20mm but this can be adjusted according to the customers requirements.

Each Black Edition is fitted with the Project Kahn GTS sports exhaust system which provides a slight increase in performance whilst accelerating but more importantly emits a unique sound emanating from the car as a deep rumble.

However the most unique feature of the Black Edition is the addition of the new Silver Mist alloy wheel.

Silver Mist

As the UKs leading automotive design house, Project Kahn recognises the importance of dynamic cutting edge designs whilst staying true to the original form. Bentley owners can now testify to the exuberance of passion and sumptuous beauty of Afzal Kahns designs.

Our new Silver Mist alloy wheel enhances the elegant curves of the Bentley while embracing the vehicles distinct style.

Embellished with a unique geometrical pattern the Silver Mist wheel has been designed with the American market in mind.

Our elegant and sculpted alloy wheel designs are evolved through skilled artistic innovation, state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology and the Silver Mist wheel is just the latest of many innovations from the Kahn Laboratories.

The New Silver Mist wheel has a 9.5x22 fitment all round with a wide track look on the rear to provide a more sporty and aggressive feel.

For more information on the Silver Mist or any of our vehicles and accessories; please call one of our qualified sales representatives on (0044) 01274 749 999 or see our website at www.kahnautomotive.com

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