2008 Project Kahn Range Rover Sport Vesuvius

(from Project Kahn Press Release) Project Kahn Range Rover Sport Vesuvius

Project Kahns ideology is to challenge convention and redefine ideals. The creation of the Range Rover Sport Vesuvius is no exception, taking a standard Range Rover Sport and molding it into an aggressive yet Luxurious vehicle for individuals who will not accept conformity and demand perfection. The Vesuvius provides genuine presence on the road, commanding attention and giving the driver a real sense of individuality.

The Vesuvius starts life as a factory Range Rover Sport then undergoes a complete rebuild from the inside out. The Vesuvius interior is comprised of Kahn bespoke Vesuvius Quilted Perforated Interior, Kahn Vesuvius Quilted Centre Box & Door Panels, Kahn Headrests with Embroided Logos and Kahn Vesuvius Interior Facia trim. Also, the pentagon tinted window glass covers the push button engine start, cream instrument dials and colour reverse camera.

The exterior is extensively transformed to give it the unmistakable Kahn look; the body styling includes the front spoiler, complete wide arches, rear apron and boot spoiler and additional rear lip spoiler. The Vesuvius bonnet and roof colour combines with Kahn 22 RS-X Forged Wheels & Tyres to achieve the overall aggressive appearance.

Other extras include Kahn side vents and front grille, Kahn Complete Stainless Exhaust System and Project Kahn Body Badges and Conversion Plaque to authenticate the whole transformation. Project Kahn is committed to achieving perfection with every vehicle they produce and the Vesuvius is no exception.

Kahn industries are an ever growing brand, incorporating many different ideas and products to deliver the company goal of perfection. The perfect accompaniment to the Range Rover Sport Vesuvius is the Kahn Vesuvius Watch which comes with the purchase of the car. Mimicking the aggressive styling of the vehicle, the watch also offers the same presence and individuality as the vehicle.

For full details on the Kahn Vesuvius and other products by project Kahn, visit the following website www.projectkahn.com or call one of our qualified sales members on 01274 749999.

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