2008 Racer X Design RZ Formula Concept


(from Racer X Design Press Release)  RZ Formula

Inspired and driven by passion for race cars, the RZ Formula is designed to be the closest thing to a formula car for the road

The concept is designed for road and track, with the ease of changing a road car to a track dedicated car within minutes. With two different nose cones available, the RZ Formula has the lights incorporated in the nose cone for the road, and an adjustable front spoiler with the race nose cone. This together with the removable rear wing gives aerodynamic aids that are only available to dedicated track cars.


The designs suggest a super light chassis that can accommodate a variety of engines, together with a minimalistic bodywork. The weight of the car would depend on the drive train, but is sure to offer a performance advantage over most road cars with similar power outputs.


The RZ Formula can take a variety of engine choices. From a modern electric power plant, to a lightweight small capacity V8 engine using superbike technology. When using the latter, the engine could be mounted longitudinally (behind the seats), giving near perfect weight distribution. These engines are available and can produce around 400 bhp from a normally aspirated sub three liter capacity, offering power, lightweight, and revs beyond the 10,000 mark.


This concept is part of the many designs done by Reuben Zammit of Racer X Design, and although it is not meant for production, anybody who is interested in turning the RZ Formula into a reality should contact us.

Visit www.racerxdesign.com for more information

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