2008 Rossion Q1


(from Rossion Press Release)  The Rossion Q1 is the result of the lessons learned in extensive testing, sale, and support of hundreds of Noble vehicles sold in the USA. It is a logical development of its predecessor. Every subtle performance change and design nuance was carefully implemented to make the car more comfortable and inviting, while further improving overall performance.

New Aerodynamic Bodywork:
The most striking new element in the Q1 is completely redesigned bodywork. The new beautifully proportioned shape gives the Rossion a sultry, aggressive look while further enhancing performance aspects. The revised panels retain the autoclaved composite construction, delivering superb surface finish and precise panel fit.

World class design and CAD modeling have been employed in the creation of the new body. Rather than change design for the sake of change, the driving force behind the new bodywork is air flow management. The result is a clean aerodynamic profile, efficient engine compartment airflow, and improved aerodynamic down force.

At the front, the reshaped nose directs high energy air down the sides of the body into the newly contoured side intakes. These new ducts are 30% larger than previous air scoops, ensuring adequate airflow for critical engine components. Turbulence around the side windows is also reduced for a more comfortable cockpit with the new, fully retractable side glass.

New charge air cooler intakes have been integrated into the body shape, with cool ram air gathered through new side window (B pillar) ducts. Again, aerodynamics is improved, while benefits are reaped in the form of increased power and efficiency.

In the rear, a more efficient diffuser enhances down force on the chassis, improving high speed grip and stability.

Further enhancements include new, longer
power side windows that fully retract into the doors while the side view mirrors feature remote electric adjustment.

The cockpit has been significantly upgraded, while maintaining the true, unfettered purpose of a sports car. In a high-performance road car, the interior is a careful blend of form and function. All controls have to be available and easy to manipulate. Yet the cabin must also be a comfortable and pleasing environment, intuitive in layout and free of meddling distractions.

To further enhance the driving experience, the instrument panel has been redesigned. The new instrument panel now places all of the important gauges in front of the driver. For storage of small items, a glove box has also been included.

The dash center console now carries new, easy to adjust electric HVAC controls, and is wired to accept the latest in audio/navigation systems within easy reach of the driver.

Every piece of the Q1 cockpit has been revised to improve the overall appearance and feel of the machine. From the feel of the new leather covered steering wheel, to the supportive lightweight seats, the Q1 exhibits a truly world class fit and finish.

Interior finishes include combinations of leather, alcantara, aluminum and carbon fiber, in tasteful color combinations, finished in a unique Rossion stitch pattern.

Beneath the voluptuous new coachwork remains the pure, unalloyed heart and soul of Lee Nobles incredible chassis.

The Rossion Q1 retains the same rigid tubular space frame, integrated roll cage and suspension components that give the Rossion its legendary feel, road-holding grip and performance.

The premium dampers and springs remain, as do the massive AP racing brakes.

If you fancy taking your Rossion to the track, you will need no modifications. The brakes, suspension components and geometry are optimized for best performance.

Engine (Suggested Drivetrain):
Though power is still suggested by the twin turbo charged Ford Duratec V6 engine, this lightweight engine is now controlled by a more powerful engine management system. An improved, low restriction exhaust system is also supplied with Rossion Q1 chassis, increasing the available horsepower for the suggested drivetrain to a pavement blistering 450 horsepower with more than 400 lb. ft. torque.

The performance is truly mind-boggling. With 0-60 mph times in 3.3 seconds, standing mile in 11.4 seconds at 120 mph with the ability to circulate the skid pad at over 1.1 G on its standard equipment tires, the new Q1 offers vicious performance and easily puts the supercar in the ranks of the quickest road cars available, at any price.

But performance is only part of the appeal of the Rossion. It is the extraordinary feel behind the wheel and how the Rossion couples the truly exciting classic principals of driving with modern day technology. This is a supercar that takes extraordinary care of its driver with solid handling, even at the limits of adhesion. With a stunning new design and acceleration power that leaves drivers speechless, the Q1 is the perfection of the supercar.

Flawless Balance. Effortless Precision. Uncompromising Performance. The Rossion Q1.

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