2008 TopCar Vantage GTR Porsche Cayenne


(from TopCar Press Release)  2008 TOPCAR Vantage GTR Porsche Cayenne

In 2008 TOPCAR Company prepared a limited series Vantage GTR Porsche Cayenne. Only 25 cars will be manufactured, each of them manufactured in compliance with client’s wishes and will have its personal number.

While tuning the car, designers of TOPCAR Company combined aerodynamic kits from Advantage GT and Vantage – each of 25 Porsche Cayenne will have this integrated aerodynamic kit, where front optics remains standard, but the car receives enlarged rear wings with impressive air inlets from Advantage GT. In this way, SUV visually transforms into coupe, but it has no round lights of 911 model in 997 body. It means that in the near future another 25 fierce and aggressive Porsche Cayenne, will be on road, making horror to their standard fellow creatures.

When a new body kit is installed, hood, radiator guard, front bumper, sills, rear bumper are replaced and rear wings are equipped with moldings. Knobs of rear doors disappear. Neat buttons replace them; they are thoroughly hidden in big side air inlets, as in Advantage GT Project. Similar to the previous aerodynamic body kits from TOPCAR Company, Vantage GTR body kits are manufactured of reinforced Kevlar, and some elements are produced of dry carbon.

But TOPCAR Company places its stake not only on exterior of the project. As usual, the interior is also subject to substantial re-development. TOPCAR Company offers even more expensive leather, alcantara, exclusive woods, parts of carbon, and also clear stitches and decorative solutions, including, among other, a plate with individual number on the central console.

German company 9FF is a traditional partner of TOPCAR Company in tuning of engines of Porsche Cayenne.

Within the frame of this project TOPCAR Company has already manufactured 7 cars. The price of aerodynamic body kit for Vantage GTR is EURO 45,000. This aerodynamic kit can be created on the basis of any Porsche Cayenne, even from previous generation.

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