2009 BMW Alpina B5 S


(from Alpina Press Release)  BMW ALPINA B5 S - talented allrounder...

Torque, power, sporting character, elegant appearance, optimal functionality, excellent comfort and everyday driveability - these are just some of the criteria in which the BMW ALPINA B5 S Saloon had to excell in. And excell it does, phenomenally so in terms of performance and useability!


The B5 S powertrain, based on a 4.4 l V8, is truly unique. The charging system of this engine differs from conventional solutions: it is neither a turbocharger nor a compressor, instead boost comes from a so-called 'radial compressor' which one may visualise as a combination of both.

A quick glance at the power / torque curve suggest what one can expect from the complex technology that fills the BMW ALPINA B5 S' engine bay. At a humble 2500rpm the engine already delivers 200hp. At 5500rpm a peak of 530hp (390kW) is available. This provides a very broad power band across which the B5 S offers superior performance, its 725Nm of torque providing turbine like acceleration!

ALPINA have worked closely with ZF to develop a new sports automatic transmission with ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC. This perfectly augments the car's character, letting you select gears manually or leaving the automatic to change gears almost imperceptibly. In manual-mode, shift durations and reacton times have been reduced by nearly half over previous generations, allowing for a dynamic, involved and sporty driving experience akin to a double clutch gearbox. Especially sporty drivers will benefit from an automatic matching of rpm's on downshifts, eliminating engine drag and reducing load alteration effects.

Chassis & Suspension

The Electronic Damper Control (EDC), developed in co-operation with SACHS Race Engineering, comes as standard on the B5 S. By means of varying compression and re-bound damper settings, the B5 S profits from sporty handling without compromising on comfort. Soft dampening in the standard setting provides a subtle ride, which automatically tightens when lateral forces increase. Alternatively one can manually select firmer damper settings in advance, using the EDC button located on the centre console. Thanks in no small part to the standard 20” wheels (Saloon), truly light-footed and neutral handling has been achieved with excellent turn-in and minimal body-roll.


Elegant, unique, functional. A small rear spoiler lip and front spoiler stretch the proportions of the B5 S Saloon, adding elegance and presence. In turn, the B5 S Touring has received a small rear roof spoiler lip. Intensive development work and many hours spent fine tuning the aerodynamics in the wind tunnel are a prerequisite for excellent handling characteristics and maximum safety, especially at high speeds, by significantly reduce lift both at the front and rear.

The interior welcomes you in accustomed fashion with its comfortable materials as well as bold, uncluttered lines and forms. Traditional ALPINA luxury wood provides a warm ambience, as does the hand-crafted leather interior with its typical ALPINA design cues.

Serious Wheels