2009 BMW X5 M


(from BMW Press Release)  The New BMX X5 M

  • The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M for the first time carry over the high-performance character of those very special cars from BMW M GmbH into the segment of BMW X models. Indeed, the combination of BMW’s M philosophy with this innovative concept paves the way for a truly exclusive driving experience, both models setting new standards in their class in terms of dynamic performance borne out by supreme acceleration, lateral dynamics, steering behaviour, short stopping distances and efficiency, that is all the criteria so crucial to motorsport.

  • The superior driving qualities of the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M are clearly visualised by specific BMW M design: The BMW X5 M offers the convincing look of power and exclusivity, the BMW X6 M, through its design, reflects outstanding dynamism and athletic performance. Common design elements at the front of each model bear clear reference to the dynamic driving potential shared by both cars, while within the interior a truly luxurious ambience forms a perfect symbiosis with the cockpit design so typical of a BMW M Model. The fundamental message in creating the interior design in each case is to reflect the truly outstanding dynamism of both models in superior style.

  • Both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M come with a new V8 high-performance power unit boasting performance features precisely tailored to the character of each model. Displacing 4,395 cubic centimetres, the engine delivers maximum output of 408 kW/555 hp from 5,750–6,000 rpm. The new M TwinPower Turbo engine is indeed the world’s first power unit with a common exhaust emission manifold joining both rows of cylinders as well as Twin Scroll Twin Turbo Technology. The turbocharger and the catalytic converters are positioned in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders ensuring the spontaneous and direct response so typical of BMW M as well as a linear surge of power for a consistent flow of torque at all times. As a result, peak torque of 680 Newton-metres or 501 lb-ft is maintained consistently all the way from 1,500–5,650 rpm.

  • Over and above their superior driving dynamics, both models offer by far the highest level of efficiency in their respective segments. In addition to the power unit optimised for efficiency by means of ¬High Precision Injection, proven and newly developed BMW ¬EfficientDynamics technologies serve to ensure this superiority in practice. These cutting-edge technologies comprise Brake Energy Regeneration as well as on-demand control of the electrical fuel pump, the detachable a/c compressor and the volume flow-controlled supply of hydraulic fluid to the anti-roll system introduced for the first time on the new BMW 7 Series. And last but not least, both models naturally comply with the EU5 and, respectively, the LEV II emission standards.

  • The M Sports Automatic transmission with six gears, optimised gearshift dynamics and outstanding gearshift comfort confirms the sporting orientation of both models. The innovative torque reduction concept is achieved by briefly cancelling out fuel injection and ignition for extremely short gearshift times. The driver himself shifts gears either via an electronic gear selector lever or, if he prefers, through aluminium shift paddles on the steering wheel again specific to BMW M. At the same time he can spontaneously intervene into the gearshift process whenever he wishes by operating one of the paddles also in the D Mode. The Launch Control function for maximum acceleration, in turn, may also be activated in the M Mode, while in the Power Mode, finally, the driver may vary the engine and transmission control, using either the Sport or the Efficiency driving programs.

  • Performance and fuel consumption of the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M:

    Acceleration 0–100 km/h: 4.7 seconds
    Top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph) (275 km/h (171 mph) with optional
    M Driver’s Package)
    Average fuel consumption in the EU cycle: 13.9 litres/100 kilometres
    (equal to 20.3 mpg imp), CO2 emissions in the EU cycle: 325 g/km.

  • The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M are the first all-wheel-drive models built by BMW M GmbH, combining BMW xDrive and Dynamic Performance Control with all the specific requirements and qualities of a high-performance vehicle in typical M style. The characteristic highlight of both models is their outstanding driving dynamics combined with supreme driving stability and excellent traction. Driving pleasure is further enhanced by a level of agility unparalleled in this segment and the unusually neutral steering behaviour.

  • Intelligent all-wheel drive ensures variable distribution of drive power front--to-rear. Dynamic performance control, in turn, varies the distribution of power between the two rear wheels and allows particularly dynamic acceleration when leaving a bend. BMW xDrive, Dynamic Performance Control, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Servotronic and Adaptive Drive are all coordinated by Integrated Chassis Management (ICM) as the central control unit. The result is an unusually high standard of driving dynamics and motoring safety in terms of agility, traction and driving stability.

  • The Servotronic steering developed specifically for the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M provides individual steering assistance related to the speed of the car and varied by two control maps. Substantial steering support at low speeds, for example, allows comfortable parking manoeuvres, while exact feedback through higher control forces at higher speeds ensures a superior style of motoring and greater steering precision when travelling fast. Apart from the standard configuration of the Servotronic steering, the driver is also able to call up the Sports Mode by means of the EDC or M Drive button, activating an uncompromisingly sporting control map for particularly dynamic requirements.

  • The suspension with its double-track control arm front axle and the integral IV rear axle comes with elastokinematics again boasting all the features of BMW M. Both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M come as standard with air suspension and self-levelling on the rear axle as well as Adaptive Drive with electronically adjustable dampers (EDC) and active anti-roll control. The newly developed three-way support mounts give both the suspension and dampers a particularly sensitive response, and pressing either the EDC or the M Drive button the driver is able to choose either the Normal or Sports damper setting as well as the Servotronic control map. The special configuration of EDC and anti-roll control tailored again to BMW M ensures a linear build-up of lateral forces in fast and dynamic bends. And the high-performance brake system in lightweight technology, to mention yet another example, offers superior stopping power with virtually no fading and optimum control of the brakes.

  • The M Dynamic Mode (MDM) activated by the DSC button raises the control thresholds for intervention by the brakes and the reduction of engine power and provides that typical steering behaviour so characteristic of BMW M by shifting drive power to the rear in the xDrive setting and interacting appropriately with Dynamic Performance Control. MDM therefore allows maximum speeds in bends plus unrestricted safety when driving to the extreme. In the process the car remains absolutely neutral in following the steering, allowing the driver to take even fast bends in a controlled drift under maximum load in the bend apex.

  • Both the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M come with a special body structure designed and built for maximum occupant safety. The occupants are protected among other things by three-point inertia-reel seat belts on all seats, six airbags – frontal, side and head airbags – as well as crash-activated headrests at the front. Bi-xenon dual headlights including a daytime driving light function, adaptive brake lights and 20-inch light-alloy rims with different-sized runflat tyres front and rear all come as standard.

  • Innovative driver assistance systems raise the superior driving experience in the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M to an even higher level of perfection. These systems include, as an option, BMW’s Head-Up Display again tailored to BMW M, Adaptive Headlights, and a High-Beam Assistant. And to supplement Park Distance Control featured as standard, there is also an optional back-up camera complete with a Top View function.

  • The driver-oriented interior of the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M comes with M seats, an M leather steering wheel and an M footrest, as well as the M-specific cockpit including an instrument cluster with a variable pre-warning field in the rev counter, specific vehicle function displays, and white illumination of the display units.

  • The BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M both feature the latest generation of BMW iDrive control serving to mastermind the navigation, infotainment, air conditioning and communication functions as well as the M Drive menu. The latter – the M Drive menu – comprises the various EDC settings including Servotronic, DSC, the Power Mode, and the optional Head-Up Display enabling the user to save his favourite configuration then retrieved by the M Drive button on the steering wheel.

  • High-quality materials and upholstery from the wide range of BMW Individual, numerous comfort functions and innovative entertainment options all underline the exclusive, M-specific character of both models. Standard features include electric seat adjustment complete with a memory function and seat heating at the front, two-zone automatic air conditioning, the BMW Individual instrument panel with leather padding, Merino leather covering additional surfaces and trim features, M entry trim, the M footrest, interior trim bars in brushed Aluminium Shadow, as well as automatic operation of the tailgate on the BMW X6 M. Optional features include the Professional navigation system, the BMW Individual High End audio system, four-zone automatic air conditioning, the M-specific Head-Up Display, Merino leather all round, active seat ventilation as well as a panorama glass roof (BMW X5 M) or, respectively, an electrically operated glass roof (BMW X6 M). And last but not least, the BMW X5 M is available with a towbar including an electrically swivelling ball head, while the BMW X6 M comes as an option with a towbar incorporating a removable ball head. Maximum trailer load in each case is a significant three tonnes.

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