2009 Codename: Hotrod by Ali Murat Keskin


(from Ali Murat Keskin)  I finished the design/modeling of this luxury-sportscar a long time ago (early 2002). I changed the design slightly (side windows) in 2008 and re-rendered it both as studio and as outdoor style recently.

I was inspired by 1971-73 Buick Riviera Boattail, but I think my design looks more aggressive, so I named it Hotrod as project codename. I have some ideas about interior but I didn't design yet (just modeled it simply for now). I didn't draw any concept sketches (except some sections), I just imagined and modeled it directly. The design completed while I was modeling it.

I'm looking for a car body manufacturing company to bring my car to real life. After making the body exterior & interior, it can be placed on an existing car's platform (like 2000-2002 Mercedes CL).
İf I can find a company to manufacture it, I'm considering to make some refinements/changes on exterior and re-model it as class-A.

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