2009 Cool Victory Lamborghini Gallardo


(from Cool Victory)  Life at over 300 kph . . Share the Adventure and Travel the World.

Cool Victory was established as a speed machine development and exotic car racing team to compete on the international gran turismo (GT) circuits. Founded in 2008, the team’s livery is hot yellow and black.

Upcoming Campaign Highlights

  • Challenging and exciting high-speed Endurance Racing events around the world.
  • Our international Fan Team Members are supporting us and putting their Names on the racing Lamborghini.
  • In development, our new Team Garage in the heart of New York City promises to be a hub for excitement.
  • Filming continues on the Television Series chronicling the team’s creation, challenges and determination.

    Racing is Life. It is for all of us. Whether your team commitment is individual or corporate, the future holds a lot of promise. In the upcoming campaigns we will be launching our new car, now almost a full year in development, at tracks throughout Western and Eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East. These tracks are features in places that are as much magical destinations as they are locations for racing. The race team is fluent in English, French, Italian, Russian and German, and ready to serve as ambassadors of your tour through theses captivating events. Come with us and feel the excitement, and experience what it takes to race legendary cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

    Not satisfied with just watching? Put Your Name on this Race Car and be a part of the Race.

    Fame always comes at a price. Here, the price of having your name seen on an international scale is Five (5) Euros. For 5 Euros (or about 7 Dollars) you can join in and be a part of actual racing history through a membership in the Cool Victory racing team. With membership your name goes on the hot yellow and black Lamborghini in a real GT race. With membership you are no longer just a fan, but truly part of the team.

    Team Membership has its Benefits. 1,000s will WIN!

  • Every team member gets their name printed on the Cool Victory Race Lamborghini for a race.
  • Each team member is also automatically entered to win exclusive prizes for official team clothing and gear.
  • One lucky team member will win airfare, hotel and race tickets for two to the race event.
  • The world will follow this winning member as his or her racing experience is captured for our video series.

    Being Part of an international Race Team is just the start.

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