2009 F&M Auto Vulca S


(from Faralli & Mazzanti Press Release)  A perfect mix between apparently opposite worlds such as craftmanship and modern technology; including techical partnerships with Zsolt Tarnok designer, OZ Racing, Continental Italia, AIM Sportline, Black srl, and Delta Sigma; F&M is proud to announce the first car entirely designed and developed in-house: Vulca.

The name, as per Faralli & Mazzanti tradition, is inspired by the Etruscan world.  Vulca da Veio is the most famous Etruscan sculptor, responsible for some of the most well known artistical expressions of this great and mysterious ancient population, including the “Apollo di Veio”.

Vulca classically interprets the typical concept of “GT all’italiana”: lightweight, hand beaten all aluminium bodywork, 2+2 coupè, sinuous and modern, elegant yet aggressive style. Under the hood pulsates a powerful, reliable, latest generation engine which provides in all its guises exhilarating performance.

Vulca will be produced in very limited numbers: only 10, individually numbered. This will ensure exclusivity and unbelievable attention to detail.

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