2009 Fornasari RR600


(from Fornasari Press Release)  The RR 600 is the latest Fornasari SUV.

It's characterized from the new LS2 Chevrolet engine 6.0 litres 8 V cylinders built under our specifics, from an improved mechanical, from shorter gearbox ratio and from a better power management.

The interiors have been improved, now are more comfortable and wider thanks to the solutions that increase the comfort inside. Preparations could have the maximum grade of customization, according with Fornasari philosophy. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients' taste. The line is clearly distinguished by that one of RR450, both for the front and the back and the sides.

The steel piping chassis in molybdenum-chrome assures an extraordinary lightness and versatility. Suspensions, Proflex or Ohlins, have an independent oil tank.

These characteristics make the RR600 a car without competitors: its maximum speed arrives to 280 km/h and have an acceleration 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds. Body in carbon and Kevlar assures high resistance and great reliability.

The car, which weights only 1700 kg, has two motorizations: 500-600 hp.

As far as the gearbox is concerned, either the six-speed one or a 4 or 6-speed automatic one is available.

There is the possibility to choose more powerful engines on request.

The traction is integral 4WD. Power gets transmitted to the wheels in three different ways: by a central viscous joint 38/62, standard 40/60, or with reduced gears. Standard rims and tires are 20", but you can choose from 16" (races) up to 23", according to the clients' taste and use..


The soft and plain lines do not leave any space to stylistic frills, while aiming at an extreme functionality to reply to any needs in the most exclusive way.

The interior space and mechanics play a key role, by shaping volumes and proportions so that they slide swiftly in the air with no efforts.

The compact size (440 cm length by 206 cm width and 164 cm height) makes the overall aspect finer. The front makes no resistance to the wind, but enters between invisible lines though a bonnet of over 4 square meters. A quite high belt line does not avoid the full visibility from inside, while the pavilion closes up behind passengers in a way that remarks the power of the wheel-track.
The body is a 2-doors one, which makes it a real sports car. The door width gets to 140cm in order to let people in and sit in the back seats easily. This means that 5 people can feel comfortable in the large space they find inside. The bonnet opens like the one of a prototype for racing ready at the start of a 24h race. Wide as a sail, it shows the mechanics: a mass of noble technological materials like aluminium and carbon, all framed in light though very strong chrome pipes.


Interiors are in leather and aluminium, with particulars sometimes recalling the past (as for the ashtray inspired to the old fashioned deluxe cars) and accessories being the result of the most advanced technology, like satellite connection.
There are 5 large seats inside, with the back seat that can be split. The loading capability is noteworthy for a car showing so much of a sporting attitude without forgetting the undeniable needs of modern life.
All that recalls of the genuine hand manufactured cars. That's why we can find hand hammered and satin aluminium, hand-sewn seams in the leather, pure woollen fitted carpet with leather borders, pedal controls and other parts of the console crafted with care as unique pieces.
Instruments are rounded in shape and the metallic pointers are hand balanced, enriched by all those led lights so familiar to any collectors. Beneath the classic style we find the most advanced technology, as in the satellite alarm combined with the satellite navigator system, linked to the multimedia tool. The car is also furnished with a TV, a VTR player and a video camera for reverse gear.


Customization is a must. No colour range is taken for reference. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients' taste. The most exclusive and even the most eccentric materials find their right place. Also, no limits are given for the engine: either 450 or 600 horse power, with 6-speed or automatic gearbox, suspensions ready to win the Dakar or the Grand Prix. Anything may be required and everything can be satisfied: Formula breaks, hand-hammered body in carbon or aluminium, and even 18" rims or the 23" dizzy 'rings', which can be combined with tires for either desert sands or high-speed circuits. Even the armour plating becomes peculiar on the RR600. With such a set of size, weight and mechanical features, this protection grants for the best safety solution with no diminishment in the performance level.


The Size is important for the whole car: a real maxi SUV. Desert wheel-tracks, an American wheel-base, a remarkable height from the ground, a top-class maximum travel of suspensions, ideal in/out angles, a feather-weight, power distribution on both axes as for GT and load distribution near to 50/50. That's all what makes of this off-road vehicle the most similar to a road vehicle in the world. Its small rolling and pitching allow for smooth driving, while both the power and engine elasticity let you forget to be inside a 5 seats' car. Power gets transmitted to the wheels by means of a central viscous joint releasing a 60% to the back limited-slip differential, while leaving the 40% power left to balance the front differential. As far as the gearbox is concerned, either the six-speed one or a 4-speed automatic one is available. Also, it is possible to set on board a version with reduced gears, but such a solution compels to a less sportive scheme of transmission. Brakes come from GM, but a possibility is given to choose the Brembo's ones. Alloy rims are, in alternative, of 18" - 20" or even 23" size AND they host tyres from the 285/55/18" up to the 305/35/23" ones.


The car's skeleton consists of a special steel piping chassis in molybdenum-chrome that means a real space-frame in a 5 users' model adaptation. More than 450 pipelines go across in order to obtain stiffness and torsion capability with a weight of less than 150 kg. The suspension triangles are equal on the four sides and they are mechanical jewels, with welding joints like those in Formula 1. The suspensions travel of 240 mm has been studied so as not to affect or change in any extent the geometrical configuration, as it had been set.


The heart consists of the latest generation of engines by General Motors' as reviewed by Fornasari in the U.S. under the specialist Mr. Cottrell. The result is a light but reliable complex all built in aluminium. Sparing of consumption, in compliance with law about gas emissions puts no limits to power exploitation, which comes to be underlined by great values of torque


Engine: 6000cc - 8 cylinders
Power: 610hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 748 Nm @ 5100 rpm
Traction: Integral 4WD
Length: 440 cm
Width: 206 cm
Height: 167 cm
Wheelbase: 300 cm
Weight: 1650 kg
Seats: 5


Max speed (self-limited): 280 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.8 seconds
1 Km run in: 23 seconds


Central differential: Viscous coupling 60% rear, 40% front
Rear differential: Dana 44 slip limited
Automatic transmission: Hydra-matic 4 speed with overdrive
Manual transmission: Borg Warner 6 speed
Gear ratios: Automatic: 1^3.06, 2^1.63, 3^1.00, 4^ 0.70, reverse 2.29
Manual: 1^2.66, 2^1.78, 3^1.30, 4^1.00, 5^0.74, 6^0.50, reverse 2.90
Axle ratios: Automatic 4.10, Manual 4.56

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