2009 GT Crossover Concept Design by Sam Johnson


(from Sam Johnson)  The GT Crossover is a reaction to the existing Sport Utility Vehicle market. With the recent trends of SUVs being designed for urban use rather that sports utility a new approach is needed. Starting the preconceptions of what a SUVs and designing a vehicle around modern sports and realistic usability.

Over recent years Big 4x4s have become “soft roaders”, loosing there off road capabilities in an attempt become cheaper and more accessible to a wider market. But I feel that at no point has any manufacture has started the design process with a clean approach, by taking the sport utility vehicle in a literal sense. This project shows that car categories need not be so restricted and by looking at existing models from a new perspective you can produce radically different results. Results which defy the existing boundaries and automotive trends.

The GT Crossover can be used as a city commuter vehicle during the week, costing as little as £3.00 to charge and as a performance GT car at the weekend which can also easily handle almost anything you can throw at it.

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