2009 Honda Helix Concept Design


(from Honda Press Release)  What is individuality? What does it mean to be exclusively unique? In an increasing world of global commercial goods, is it really possible to be one of a kind? Emerging technologies, such as genetic integration and advanced adaptive polymers, will shatter the current paradigm of what is now considered "personally" unique.

Advanced adaptive polymers, capable of shifting shape, color or even material properties, when coupled with the user's genetic code (DNA), will allow a vehicle to not just function as transportation, but rather be an extension of the user, evolving in parallel with the user throughout his or her life. Ownership will become more about the fulfillment for the driver through time and less about fulfillment of a product's lifespan. The longer the vehicle is with its owner, the more time it has to evolve to meet the user‘s needs, and ultimately form a unique singular bond between both human and machine DNA.

Like DNA, the Helix has 3 major, distinct conformations: A, B and Z. "A" is short and wide for cities that have very tight and intertwining road systems, where agility and speed allow a vehicle to more easily navigate chaotic traffic patterns. "B" is long and low for the sprawling cities of the world, where large distances allow for high speed travel. "Z" is tall and thin for congested cities of the world, where seating occupants vertically on two levels has the most volume per minimum footprint of any vehicle.

By using flexible and transforming multi-functioning parts, the Helix adapts and reacts to specific environments and traffic patterns by changing the orientation of its main capsule for optimal environmental operation and user functionality. Bio-receptors allow the vehicle to micro-adjust even further to meet the exact demands of the user and the environment. The direction of movement stays constant no matter what conformation the vehicle assumes.

The Honda Helix is a vehicle capable of adapting, evolving, and conforming to user needs anywhere in the world. Using insight gained from the human genome, biotechnology, and environmental forecasting, the Honda Helix will actively and dynamically conform to the user's needs, in environments ranging from the congested skies of Japan, to the wide open roads of America.

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