2009 Huet Brothers HB Special


(from Huet Brothers Press Release)  Since the launch of the HB Special in 2007 we have had numerous requests of potential buyers to, next to the original concept, build a limited run of HB Specials for sale.

Well, we have decided to go ahead and build a few for purchase. The engine is upgraded to 2.7 litres and wil be fitted with Honda pistons. We will be offering a choice of 3 versions; a 160 hp, 180 hp and a 210+ hp supercharged HB special.

Production starts in the beginning of 2009. Of course clients wil be part of the building process and we will give them numerous options to choose from. Apart from your standard options like two-tone colors, LSD and overdrive you can choose different styles of seating, steering wheels, side pannels, and all sorts of customizable items. All cars are handbuild to the specs of the customer.

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